QUICK TIP - Should use 2 keys to install Software-Useful Bash Scripts?

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Just 2 keys to install Software on Server-Useful Bash Scripts Linux automatically. Why 2 keys? It is simple. Just using 2 keys you can do the trick quickly. For example, create folders, run software to install, set permissions…

The script below is very useful if you are  work on networking environment, particularly, Linux environment. You will use 2 keys to install Software many times.

Advantage points

  • Using “2 keys to install Software” is very convenient when setup on many servers and
  • “2 keys to install Software” saves your time more than your expectation.
  • It supports you to increase your performance in workplace.
  • You don’t need to type and execute many command lines to do this task.
  • Besides, using “2 keys to install Software” scripts below is very adaptable. Thus, you can adjust to fit on your situation and your requirements.

“2 keys to install Software” Bash Scripts:

In the scripts, I noted on some lines that you can customise to fit your requirements. Besides, you can view and learn some basic scripts to support you understand the script more. These scripts you can face to when you have job interview.

Next, you should remember how to change permissions in numeric code on Linux

You may need to know how to change permissions, so to do this you use numbers instead of “r”, “w”, or “x”.

  • 0 = No Permission
  • 1 = Execute
  • 2 = Write
  • 4 = Read

Basically, you add up the numbers depending on the level of permission you want to give.

Permission numbers are:

  • 0 = —
  • 1 = –x
  • 2 = -w-
  • 3 = -wx
  • 4 = r-
  • 5 = r-x
  • 6 = rw-
  • 7 = rwx

For example:

  • chmod 777 foldername will give read, write, and execute permissions for everyone.
  • chmod 700 foldername will give read, write, and execute permissions for the user only.
  • chmod 327 foldername will give write and execute (3) permission for the user, w (2) for the group, and read, write, and execute for the users.

As you can see, there are several options when it comes to permissions. You have the capability to dictate usability among users. Of courses, now you can save it as .sh file to execute on Linux.

Run “2 keys to install Software” Bash Scripts

2 keys to install Software
Run the script

Following is the output for the execution, you can see and check as below:

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