UDEMY 2021 - Advanced WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap 4

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Create your own custom WordPress theme with Bootstrap 4, HTML, CSS, PHP, for yourself, your clients and for the world!

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What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn how to create a WordPress theme from start to end
  • You’ll learn how to pack your theme for distribution
  • You’ll learn how to pack your theme for distribution

  • You’ll learn how to internationalize your theme
  • You’ll learn how to internationalize your theme


  • This is not for beginners. You need to know how to read/understand basic HTML, CSS and PHP code to follow the course
  • You need to know at least what is WordPress and what it is for
  • Description



    “5 stars well deserved I say. The course is easy to follow and in case you come across any questions you can ask them on the Q&A board. So far the best WordPress theme development tutorial that I found here on Udemy. Looking forward to many many more from Marcelo :-).”

    (He Lu)

    “Recently I decided to master WordPress (…). I tried several ebooks and online tutorials but none of them explain things as clear as you did. I really like the approach you took to train your students. 

    I know providing a course is hard, but providing a quality course is MUCH HARDER. But you managed to deliver almost everything with perfect guidance. I really learnt a lot from you, and I wish I can apply whatever I learnt from you to my career.”

    (Message from student Seng Fei Yang)


    Every day small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs realize how profitable is to have a website. WordPress is a powerful tool for creating dynamic, fast and visually appealing websites for those audiences.

    Maybe you’re a web designer / web developer who wants to create your own custom themes. You can use WordPress to start up your own website, or help your clients with their own projects. Or maybe you’re daring to dream your highest dream and want to sell your own custom theme on marketplaces such as Theme Forest.

    Well, you can’t achieve your goal if first you can’t learn the basics of WordPress theme development.

    So now it’s your turn! In this course you will learn how to build your own WordPress theme from scratch, using the latest Bootstrap 4* version! This course will be your first step in the wide world of WordPress!

    Learn How to Build Your Own WordPress Theme From Scratch

    • Master WordPress theme creation from the beginning

    • Have more control over your theme and learn step by step how to create your site with a modern and responsive look

    • Expand your knowledge by applying advanced techniques that set you apart from other professionals who also create for WordPress

    • Work with Bootstrap version 4* within your theme

    Master the Creation of a WordPress Themes in an Easy and Straightforward Way

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