QUICK TIP - Auto-Resize All Images Smaller Than 10 Times in size with high quality

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Hi there, in this beginner tutorial “Resize All Images”, we’re going to learn how to resize all images at once in Photoshop.

Now, why would you want to resize all images at once? Maybe you just want to reduce the image file size or maybe you want to upload them somewhere or maybe you want to email them to somebody else with a limitation.

Situation: why Resize All Images?

For example of 15 megabytes, so you have to make the images smaller or maybe you want to upload them to your own website.

So, for example, you’re creating your website and you want your images to be 1500 pixels in width one after the other. So, you can use this method to batch process all of the images. Then, you set them to the size that you want to so without any further do just in 4 steps. After that, Photoshop will resize all images just in a few minutes ! It’s so cool right?

How to Resize All Images

You will follow the steps below to compress your images.

Step 1-Resize All Images

We need to keep all of the images that we want to resize in just one folder.

So here, I have this folder called “resize” and inside of that I have the images that I want to resize easy.

Once you organise that let’s move to step number two.

Step 2-Resize All Images

Step number two is open image processor inside of Photoshop and you don’t have to open any of kind software. Let’s head over to photoshop and inside a Photoshop File → Scripts → Image processor.

Now, image processor is pretty self-explanatory and this brings us to step number three.

Resize All ImagesStep 3-Resize All Images

Now, you dial in the settings that you want. So, let’s go through it one by one. So, the first one is Select the images to process.

So, you click on select folder and select the folder that we earlier created remember with all of the images that you want to resize. Thus, let’s go to desktop, it was resize hit Ok.

All right, you need to check include all subfolders if that folder has subfolders. For example, you have a folder called “Photos“and instead of that you have “Travel“, “Fashion maybe Beauty or some folders like that.

If you want to include all of the images then you need to check include whole subfolders, otherwise the images won’t show up.

The next step is select location to save processed images where you want to save the processed images. So, you are going to click on select folder and desktop.

You will create one new folder, click on new folder and let’s name it “resized”. Then, let’s select that folder you want to save in.

You can also check keep folder structure if you had subfolders and you want to maintain the same structure over here. However, we didn’t have any subfolders, it doesn’t matter in this case.

The next one is file type which files lab do you want to save it as a PSD, TIFF or a JPEG that you want to reduce the file size.

So, I’ll save that as JPG, also if you want to email them or you want to plot it through website, JPG is the file type that you should be looking for.

Next one is quality. The minimum quality is zero and maximum is 12 in this case. In this area, however as you increase the quality, the file size also increases.

So, for normal use 7 looks fine to you. Alright also make sure you check then word profile to sRGB. If you don’t do that and you upload them online somewhere, the colours will go crazy. So, if you don’t want that to happen, leave it checked.

The next one is resized to fit and this is the core of this tutorial make sure this is checked. Otherwise, how will you miss resize so you might think. If you type in 2000 by 2000 over here, your images will become square.

For example, you have an image with 4,000 width and 2,000 Heights. So, the images just have to match the criteria so the height is 2,000 and it is matching the maximum criteria.

Step 4-Resize All Images

The fourth one is preferences do you want to run an action on it. So, let’s hit run and Photoshop opens your image one by one and then processes each one of them.

According to the settings that you provided, in this case we set them to resize it now it’s resizing all of those images and the amount of time it takes totally depends upon the performance of your system so it’s still doing it let’s wait for some time

Now,  let’s go ahead and open up the resized folder, and we have one folder called JPG because we chose JPG. If you chose vs DS and TIFF as well. So, you would have three folders, you have just one so all of them are resized. You will see the totals size of all resized images is smaller than the original one more than 10 times.

Final Words

The tutorial is very useful and save your time when you need to deal with a huge number of images that you must resize and upload to website or email.

We just hope this one helps you and if it did make sure to give us a like and also do not forget to subscribe.

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