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Literature reviews of business process modelling – Business process modelling has become more and more popular in the business world because of its beneficiaries.

Hence, it is crucial process which can lead the organisation to success or fail in the dynamic environment. It also is one of the most important tools that increases the profits of an enterprise (Schiff 2010). However, the tool must face with challenges and issues during the happening process.

Therefore, this document will capture an overview of business process modelling that relates to challenges, security issues and governance issues from literature reviews.  In addition, you can reference for understanding more about business process modelling in the same category with this topic:

Challenges faced while modelling modern business processes

business process modellingIn BPM, there are many models which we can integrate together. For example, Process model can work with data model. Thus, the process is so complicated by its data and also model structure and this lead to many issues and risks that the manager should consider before implementing it.

In the business environment, there have been some significant challenges that an organisation has encountered while operating business process modelling. Due to time limitation, this part will focus on five significant challenges that have been identified from divergent researches.

Business Process ModellingRapid change technology

Firstly, rapid change in business processes (BPs) by changing technology has been the first remarkable challenge, according to Rosemann (2006). Furthermore, the author has pointed out that the rapid change leads to faults and show in the business process modelling when it alters from one stage to other stage quickly.

In addition, Bögel, Stieglitz and Meske (2014) add that the organisation will face with “model-reality divide” and “lost innovations” when it has a transition between modern business process modelling and traditional business process modelling in collaborative processes.

The altering economic environment surround an organisation

Secondly, the challenge of business process modelling is the altering economic environment surround an organisation (Alotaibi 2016; Hvolby & Trienekens 2010). Besides, the three authors have defined that some forces can influence the business environment lead to change BPs such as customer power rather than controlling product or service provider.

Furthermore, some researchers have proved that the design of BP in limited area will not cover all services. In addition, some design principles of organisation will not operate under contextual requirements when the business environment surround it alters (Ponsignon, Smart, & Maull 2012).

The misalignment between business strategies and IT

Thirdly, it is a misalignment between business strategies and IT (Alotaibi 2016; Arnold & Laue 2014). Besides, the authors have explained that the organisation’s business fails to exploit the existed IT resources because of misaligning between business strategies and IT.

Dynamic batch processing activities

Next, the challenge is “dynamic batch processing activities” that business process modelling tools have encountered (Igor Pihir, Katarina Tomičić-Pupek & Neven Vrček 2018). In addition, these authors have shown that it impacts dynamically on the implementing activities and BPMNv.2 can handle this issue with its built-in simulation features.

Managing processes in virtual organisation context

Finally, the last excited challenge in information technology age is “managing processes in virtual organisation context”. Olariu and Aldea (2014) have asserted that virtual organisation could have virtual office, virtual leaderships and virtual teams. For example, these are established from independent firms to handle a project in a specific industry such as software development industry.

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