UDEMY 2021 - C# – Programming Database Driven Windows Forms Desktop Apps

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Learn how to use C# Windows Forms and Microsoft Access Database to create small database driven desktop apps

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What you’ll learn

  • Students will understand the basics of database programming using C# and MS Access database.
  • Students will become familiar with database programming concepts.

Students will become familiar with database programming concepts.

  • Students will be able to create small database-driven desktop apps.

Students will be able to create small database-driven desktop apps.

  • Students will understand basics of database concepts.
  • Students will be able to create and modify Windows Forms and bind form objects with database objects.
  • Students will be ready to tackle more complex projects.


  • Visual Studio
  • Basic familiarity with Windows Forms
  • Basic C# Skills (loops, conditional statements, very basics of OOP etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of Database terminology


For this course, I decided to use a Microsoft Access database, as that is a common database small business use around the world. Now, full disclosure: we won’t be creating any earth shattering application and there will be a lot of room for improving our code. What we ARE going to be doing is LEARNING how to use with C# with MS Access, and we’ll use a simple, but fairly common scenario – a small books database app. The goal of this course is three fold

  • First, is to show you how things work
  • Second, help you understand how things work under the hood.
  • And third, to drill the basics so that they become a second nature to you.

This course concentrates solely on using Access database with C We will use Windows Forms as the user Interface and we’ll use form events to code the application logic to. This way, we won’t get distracted with million other little things that come into play for truly well designed commercial app. Like I said, the goal here is to LEARN the basics, and to RETAIN the knowledge.

From my own experience, from the beginners point of view, nothing is worse than taking a course to learn the basics, only to suddenly be introduced to a dozens of advanced real world concepts, that completely derail you from learning what you came here to learn in the first place…which is, the basics. What good is it for a beginner to watch someone build professional grade app when three quarter of the stuff presented goes right over your head? Not in this course.

However, with that being said, if you go through this course, and if you code along, I am absolutely sure that at the end, you will have great foundation to build on, and you will be able to move to more sofisticated applications and coding styles.

The course consists of several sections. The first few sections introduce the basic concepts, such connecting to database, browsing through the records, binding database fields with form objects in the windows forms and other core concepts related to databases as well as windows forms.

First project is a small Data Entry application. This project does not include database yet. We will create a simple data entry form and explore few properties and form objects. This project serves as a simple introduction or a refresher, and if you are familiar with basics of windows forms and the concept of properties and events, then you can safely skip this project. However, there still may be a few things you could learn from this project, as we will be working with timer, key press events, mouse events, and form elements in the run time.

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