Car Park System – 1 Detailed and Adaptable Project

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Car park system development in Parramatta is a project will focus on how to development the system via using IT infrastructure development, system and design, testing process and more. These contribute to the car park project in Parramatta-Australia and I also mentioned these in previous articles. This article will focus on project description, project’s scope and stakeholders identification. I will add more detail in next topic here. 

Project description-Car Park System

Parramatta is an important suburb from the west of Sydney that has variety business. Therefore, Australian government decides to deploy seven car park systems that supply the high demand of this place. These car parks should conduct and manage under a new car park system that follows the requirements of the City Council. Firstly, this car park system can supply many functions for a daily operation for each car park encompassing printing tickets, operating payment activities and solving barriers. Secondly, it can operate to manage all of these car parks including recording problems, printing season tickets and monitoring service level agreements with security services supplier that ensures the car parks to be safety.

Project’s scope boundaries and assumptions-Car Park System

There are scope boundaries and also essential assumptions that the project could be identified at beginning step of the project.

Scope boundaries

Firstly, the project will implement new system around Parramatta City where the seven car parks have already built. Furthermore, City of Parramatta Council has approved the project and this project should be conducted now to reduce a high demand for car parking. Secondly, The system has been concentrated on two main functions including the daily operations and the management. Thirdly, the project can use one or more external security and sanitation services for seven car parks. Finally, it will focus on the requirements from government to ensure the project that conducted, legally. According to City of Parramatta Council (2017), a new system for these car parks must be followed the compulsory guidelines from government. Car park must have security and fire alarm system. Further more, the price for parking is fixed to the rate that Parramatta CBD Council has issued.

Car Park System Project


For project management, it can be assumed that the project has limit budget around $ AUD 2 million for seven car parks to build a new system. Next, the project is considered easy maintaining and repairing to make sure a system run smoothly without delay in long time. Therefore, devices such as pay stations, sensors and control pillars will buy from local market or international market that has repairing and maintaining services in Sydney. Another focal issue that is the deadline of this project for around three months needs to archive successfully.

Stakeholders identification-Car Park System

In the project, there are four prominent kinds of stakeholder are involved including customer, service suppliers and staffs. International Institute of Business Analysis (2015) has mentioned that stakeholders are a group or person that relate to the change, the demand, and solution. Furthermore, they are often given a definition in terms of benefit, impact and influence by the change.
Car Park System Project
Stakeholder Identification – Car Park System Project


Thus, customers in Parramatta are prominent objectives in the projects which will received many impacts from this project including local residents, employees, shoppers and small business owners. The impacts that directly influence on customer will be presented by their satisfaction or dissatisfaction about new system for the seven car parks. Customer will satisfy when the project can bring benefits and inversely, dissatisfaction will be happened. They are also the main profits that contribute to this project.

External services

One of important stakeholders is supplier who provides support to the project via supplying equipment for the seven car parks. Service suppliers will provide services for the project encompassing security, fire alarms, and information technology infrastructure. These suppliers could contribute to the success of this project or not. They also receive benefits, impacts and influence from the project.

Internal and external employees

Staffs are people to manage and control a new system. They will impact on how the new system operates, efficiently. Staffs possibly include internal and external site that could be influenced by the project that can have negative and positive impacts. Internal employees include IT, administration, manager and accountant that are recruited from employers. External employees can be sanitation and security workers. 
Car Park System Project
Internal vs External Stakeholders – Car Park System Project

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