UDEMY 2021 - Complete ARKIT 2.0 : Build 15 Apps for iOS12 with Scenekit

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Includes iPhoneX face tracking! Learn all the Augmented Reality fundamentals by building 15 apps from scratch.

You can find "Download Link" as a button at the end of this article.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand ARKit and SceneKit using swift
  • Build Augmented reality apps for clients
  • Build Augmented reality apps for clients

  • Make money in the new AR Category on the Appstore
  • Make money in the new AR Category on the Appstore

  • Create 3D shapes in Augmented reality both in code and using the scene editor from Xcode
  • Measure real distances using the iPhone’s camera
  • Interact with 3D objects
  • Add 3D objects to the real world through the phone : on the floor, on a table, on the wall…
  • Detect horizontal and vertical planes in the real world
  • Detect images in the real world
  • Create optical illusions
  • Add animations to 3D objects
  • Use spacial 3D audio in your AR scenes
  • Learn how to use Physics to create games
  • Learn how to use particles to create snow, rain, fire, confettis, and much much more
  • Requirements

  • You need an Apple computer (MacBook, iMac, Mac mini)
  • Xcode 9 (Xcode 10 Beta for ARKit 2.0 sections) – free software
  • An iOS Device with an A9 Chip or higher to run your apps (iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and later, iPad 2017, iPad Pro)
  • iOS 11.0 or higher
  • Basic Knowledge of Xcode and SWIFT is preferable
  • Description

    Learn the future of programming with ARKit today and be in demand!

    AR is disrupting the world and will become mass market very soon. Don’t wait for the crowd, be a leader and innovator in this new exciting field :

    Augmented reality is going to change everything we know in the next 5 years


    This course will teach you :

    ● How to design 3D objects, and text with and without code

    ● Primitive Geometries, colors/textures/materials, lights, animations, physics and particle systems.

    ● Physically based rendering for realistic appearance

    ● How to use Scenekit’s built in Physics engine

    ARKit fundamentals :

    ● Surface recognition (floor, tables, walls…)

    ● Image detection (posters, paintings, postcards, magazines, book covers, business cards…)

    ● Spacial sound for immersive experiences

    ● Image detection and Tracking

    ● Automatic environment texture

    ● Face tracking and animation (requires iPhone X, Xs, XsPlus or Xr)


    You can try all the ARKit projects you will learn right now on your device. Look for “Augmented Reality App” on the App Store.


    All source codes and 3D design materials are included and easy to re-use in your commercial appsand projects – This will save you countless hours, which is priceless Furthermore, you will learn the key concepts of good user experience in Augmented Reality apps!

    People are hungry for amazing AR experiences but today there is a lack of “killer AR Apps” on the App Store. This is a huge opportunity to get in early before it becomes a crowded space!

    Big brands are looking for skilled ARKit developers as augmented reality is already available on 380 million iOS devices, but the technology is so new that there is a lack of trained ARKit iOS developers.

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