UDEMY 2021 - Complete Guide to Build IOT Things from Scratch to Market

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Build IOT products using Arduino, NodeMCU,ESP8266, IOT Platforms, Sensors, Displays, Keypads,Relays, PCB’s,Casing & more

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to Independently Design, Code and Build IOT products.
  • Learn to work with Micro controllers (Arduino Uno, Nano, NodeMCU), Sensors , Relays, Displays, Keypads, work with main (220/110) and more
  • Learn to code using Arduino IDE from basics
  • Learn how to use Ethernet and Wifi shields
  • Learn how to connect to cloud IOT Platforms, Persist Data, Program Triggers and more
  • Build 3 IOT products in the course
  • Learn PCB designing using Fritzing
  • Learn Designing, Casing, Soldering and more
  • Learn about Manufacturing, Marketing, Certification, Angels, VC and more.
  • Professionally authored, edited, carefully planned and sequenced small lectures most of them under 7 min many under 5 min.
  • Guaranteed learning in every minute!
  • Requirements

  • It will help if you have some background in electronics and know basic coding principles
  • Description

    Welcome to the IOT(Internet of Things) space, a new revolution, which will have 212 Billion Installed things, 30 Billion autonomously connected things, 3 Million Peta Bytes off Embedded Systems Data by 2020, spanning across all verticals estimated at a value of $8.9 trillion.

    Those are some good reasons to look in this direction, Personally it is a truly unique space, as you get to work on both the hardware and the software side of things, be able to connect to the internet and create spectacular devices and solutions.

    This course is designed to enable “YOU” to create amazing IOT products and solutions from scratch all the way to the market.Learn it by creating 3 IOT devices from scratch for Home Automation, Building Security and Assisted Living use cases!

    The focus in this course it to enable and equip the audience to immediately start building IOT products. We touch all the necessary software, hardware, platform, protocols, everything in between to the point it is required. Additional study material is provided for a deep dive.

    Soon there will be more apples coming out of the garage! imagination will be the only limitation.

    Key Course Subject Highlight’s :

    1) 70 + Professionally authored lectures with supporting content

    2) Understand what is an IOT thing, IOT Ecosystem, big picture, Use cases, layers and communication protocols

    3) Learn how to work Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano,Sensors, Displays, Keypads, Relays, Power converters the whole nine yards.

    4) Learn how to connect your IOT devices to the internet over Ethernet or Wifi. Learn how to work with Ethernet Shield, Wifi chip ESP8266 and Development kit like NodeMCU.

    5) Understanding software ecosystem, working with Arduino IDE.

    6) Learn how to write code (sketch) for your devices, from basics.

    7) Understand the different options to Connect your device to a IOT Cloud platfrom, DB’s.

    8) Learn how to persist data to the cloud platform using an API and HTTP methods.

    9) Learn how to program triggers in the IOT platform like making a call, send an email, sending a text and more.

    10) Learn how to use a Mobile APP service to create Android APP’s in no time and be able to control your IOT device with it over the internet.

    11) Learn PCB designing using Fritzing, Casing, Soldering and more.

    12) Learn about Manufacturing, Certification, Angels, VC and more.

    IOT devices You will Create in the Course :

    Product 1 – Smart lights and devices — Home Automation

    Product 2 – Motion detector with email notification – Building Safety

    Product 3 – Panic Alarm for the Elderly – – Healthcare Industry

    Teaching Methodology Highlights:

    1) Professionally authored and edited lectures for serious and easy learning

    2) Easy presentation style, with NO power points !!

    3) Generous use of technology enabled teaching products to enhance learning outcome

    4) Carefully planned and sequenced small lectures most of them under 7 min many under 5 min.

    5) Guaranteed learning in every minute!

    6) Generous descriptions for each lecture and Section

    7) All necessary codes, libraries, supporting documentation are uploaded

    Who is the target audience?

  • This course is built keeping in mind all levels of Audience, Anybody who is interested in building IOT products to sell or for professional use, personal use or for college projects can take this course
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