UDEMY 2021 - Complete JSON AJAX API Course – Beginner to Professional

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Learn how to use JSON and get JSON data using AJAX Course includes practice exercises and examples using JSON & AJAX.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Use JSON data within web applications
  • Make AJAX requests across the web
  • Make AJAX requests across the web

  • Build more dynamic and interactive applications
  • Build more dynamic and interactive applications


  • Basic HTML and JavaScript
  • Web development experience
  • Description

    Loaded full of examples and code snippets that can be used to build upon, practice and get comfortable with AJAX.  Top developer resources, helpful tips and many many open APIs to practice with all included.

    Source Code also included so you can jump right in and start building applications.

    JSON is the preferred format for data being transferred between coding languages.  Its easy to read, create and work with. Learn about JSON how it works and how you can use it within your own applications.

    AJAX provides the ability for your JavaScript code to make http requests to get data and update your page content with the new data.  The data is commonly in JSON format which makes it ideal for use within JavaScript applications.

    Together AJAX and JSON are used everywhere and go hand in hand powering many of the top web applications and providing users what they expect from modern websites.

    Technologies used within this course : JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Nodejs, AJAX, jQuery, SQLite, plus several npm packages

    JSON – JavaScript Object Notation

    A lightweight data-interchange format which is easy for humans to read and write

  • Learn what JSON is and how to use it with JavaScript.
  • Explore how to read and write JSON objects.
  • Iterate thru JSON data and output data contents into your web page HTML elements.
  • Build JSON in a dynamic format for better versatility and management.
  • Event Triggers : How to trigger event listeners to use JSON data within JavaScript. Saving JavaScript data as JSON formatted content.
  • JSON objects and Strings in JavaScript, conversion and manipulation.
  • Getting JSON using HTTP XML request object.
  • Exercise : practice JSON by building out several mini projects including a task list from scratch which stores content into local storage and retrieves local string content converted back in usable JavaScript objects.
  • AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

    AJAX  for building web based interactive applications that process user requests immediately.  No page reload bring data into your application.

  • Explore how AJAX works and how it is used in web applications
  • See what Fetch and XHR are and how they work to get data
  • Connect to external content and data, load it into you application and output the data for the user.
  • Exercise : Using AJAX to connect to a web API and retrieve random user information.
  • Learn how to use AJAX to get a txt file content
  • Exercise : Use AJAX to retrieve jokes from an API and output the response data into your website.
  • Find out how to use Fetch and make AJAX requests using Fetch
  • Exercise : Simple POST and GET to server using Fetch and xHR AJAX. Posting form data to a server using Fetch
  • AJAX made easy with Libraries

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