UDEMY 2021 - Complete Web Development in 1 Bundle!

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Learn Complete Web Development in 1 Bundle by learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, PHP, MYSQL and WordPress.

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What you’ll learn

  • After this course students can create their own websites.
  • You will be able to do web development projects on your own.
  • You will be able to do web development projects on your own.

  • How to make Money with the skills you learned in this course.
  • How to make Money with the skills you learned in this course.

  • Students will be able to work independently as a web developer and they can earn money.
  • You will have complete knowledge about web development.
  • Complete knowledge of web designing also.
  • You will learn Basic Html, CSS along with advance Html5, CSS3 for web designing.
  • We will built 5 websites for enhancing our skill in web designing.
  • You will also learn to built a responsive website.
  • Javascript and Jquery from basic to advance level with different projects.
  • Javascript/Jquery Selectors, Events and Effects in great detail.
  • How Javascript/JQuery work with html and css.
  • We will make Small programs and software in JQuery.
  • Traversing in Javascript/JQuery.
  • We will make an awesome image slider using html,css and javascript/jquery.
  • Ajax with practical examples.
  • Making plugins in JQuery.
  • Learn about JQuery user interface in great detail.
  • We will learn Designing and Validation of Login/Signup Form in Html,CSS and Jquery.
  • creating an awesome Image Gallery in HTML, CSS and JQuery.
  • Creating a beautiful Image Slider in HTML, CSS and JQuery.
  • You will also learn complete PHP and MYSQL.
  • PHP Fundamentals
  • Form handling in PHP
  • Handling session, Cookies and File handling in PHP.
  • Database in MYSQL in full detail.
  • You will also learn about object oriented PHP.
  • Creating and using classes, properties, objects and methods in object oriented PHP.
  • Extending a class, controlling access to properties in object oriented PHP.
  • Overriding methods, defining and implementing an interface in object oriented PHP.
  • You will also learn about Ajax in JavaScript and JQuery with PHP.
  • Creating chat application using Ajax.
  • Creating an interactive sign up system using JQuery with ajax and PHP.
  • WordPress is also covered in full detail from basic to pro level.
  • Creating Blog in WordPress.
  • Optimizing blog for SEO and get a lot of visitors to your blog.
  • Setting up WordPress and applying blog theme.
  • Customizing theme and making it eye catching.
  • Creating posts, pages and categories.
  • Applying different SEO Techniques to make blog visible in the eyes of Google.
  • Requirements

  • No formal knowledge required.
  • No tool is required for this course.
  • You just need a computer to learn from this course.
  • I will teach everything from basic to advance level.
  • Description

    In the second section you will learn how to create responsive websites in HTML5 and CSS3. We will create a complete responsive website from start to finish without skipping a single thing. If you are just a beginner and wondering why you need to learn to create responsive websites then here’s why, large majority of people surf internet on their smart phones and tablets and if your website is not flexible with the resolution of their devices then they are not gonna like it and your website will give them a very bad user experience, your website may look better on the desktop but on smart phones it will not look good. So, now you got the idea why you need to learn to create responsive websites, here are some key advantages of responsive websites:

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