UDEMY 2021 - Critical Thinker Academy: Learn to Think Like a Philosopher

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How to improve your grades, advance in your job and expand your mind — by learning how to think for yourself!

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What Will I Learn?

  • introduce students to fundamental concepts of critical thinking (logic, argument analysis, rhetoric, reasoning with probabilities, the importance of background knowledge, etc.)
  • explore the importance of critical thinking for personal development, participation in democratic society, and the pursuit of wisdom
  • explore the role that critical thinking principles play in good essay writing
  • and much more!
  • Requirements

  • An interest in improving one’s critical thinking skills. That’s it!
  • Description


    For long-term success in school, business and life, learning HOW to think is far more important than learning WHAT to think.

    Yet rather than serve as the core of any education worthy of a rational human being, we have relegated the teaching of logic, argument analysis and critical reasoning to specialty courses in universities that reach too few students, too late in their education.

    In this course I share my growing understanding of these topics, with a focus on what is practically important and useful for developing as independent critical thinkers.

    Currently the course contains over 135 videos totaling over 14 hours of viewing time!

    Each LECTURE has a COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT in the lecture description tab!

    Each SECTION has a downloadable PDF ebook that contains full transcripts for the lectures in that section, in a format that is convenient for printing or viewing offline, for a total of 600 pages!

    Among the topics you will learn:

  • why critical thinking is important
  • the difference between logic and argumentation
  • what makes an argument good or bad
  • the importance of background knowledge for critical thinking
  • techniques of argument analysis and reconstruction
  • what our growing understanding of the human mind tells us about how we actually form beliefs and make decisions
  • how to write a good argumentative essay
  • how to cite sources and avoid plagiarism in your writing
  • and much more! This content is drawn from a variety of teaching resources I’ve developed over the past few years, including a video podcast.

    It’s important for you to know that I am continuing to add videos and course modules on a regular basis. This course will continue to grow and grow — I have a LOT OF GROUND that I want to cover! This is ONLY THE BEGINNING!

    Who is the target audience?

  • anyone who thinks that critical thinking is important and would like to learn more about it
  • anyone who is required to think and write argumentatively
  • anyone interested in the psychology of belief and judgment
  • anyone interested in philosophy and who would like to learn more about philosophical ideas and methods
  • anyone taking a logic or philosophy class who would like to brush up on their basic logic and argumentation skills
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