UDEMY 2021 - Data Structures and Algorithms Through Python In Depth

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Learn Data Structures and Algorithms in Python to provide efficient solutions to complex problems.

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What you’ll learn

  • Over 100 Quiz questions
  • Ability to analyse algorithms
  • Ability to analyse algorithms

  • Knowledge of basic Data Structures and various sorting algorithms
  • Knowledge of basic Data Structures and various sorting algorithms

  • Ability to write and trace recursive algorithms
  • Ability to write programs for different Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Confidence to face programming interviews
  • Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of programming in Python
  • Description

    This course will help you develop a strong background in Data Structures and Algorithms. The course is broken down into easy to assimilate short lectures, and after each topic there is a quiz that can help you to test your newly acquired knowledge. The examples are explained with animations to simplify the learning of this complex topic. Complete working programs are shown for each concept that is explained.

    This course provides a comprehensive explanation of data structures like linked lists, stacks and queues, binary search trees, heap. Various sorting algorithms with implementation and analysis are included. Concept of recursion is very important for designing and understanding certain algorithms so the process of recursion is explained with the help of several examples.

    Throughout the course, a step by step approach is followed to make you understand different Data Structures and Algorithms. Through this course you can build a strong foundation in Data Structures and Algorithms that can help you to crack coding interviews and work in the industry.

    In this course, Python is used for implementing various Data Structures and Algorithms, but you can easily implement them in any other language like C++, Java or C#.

    What students are saying about this course –

    “Very detailed and covers a wide range of topics so far. Great content and explanations. ”

    “This is an excellent course. One of the best I’ve seen in udemy. The lecturer’s use of visuals is refreshing. Her step-by-step explanations are very clear.”

    “The examples are really good, which further make the explaining of concept a lot easier. I would highly recommend this class to whoever has not learned any data structure before. ”

    “The course meets my expectations. Much of this material is review for me, but I am still learning quite a bit. Deepali’s accent is hard for me to understand at first, but I got use to it fairly quickly. I try to code the examples myself while Deepali is presenting them. I am enjoying the course.”

    “She was explaining it quite clearly..”

    “good explanation. good lectures”

    “Properly explained each and every topic with in-depth knowledge as well as example.happy to take this course”

    “The pace is about right and everything is explained clearly and concisely with relevant examples.”

    “Excellent stuff!!

    Who is the target audience?

  • Programmers looking for jobs
  • Programmers wanting to write efficient code
  • Computer Science students having Data Structures as part of their curriculum
  • Non Computer science students wanting to enter IT industry
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