Design 1 amazing Bluetooth speaker from old/dead laptops

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Bluetooth Speaker from death laptops | A&H Business Technology

Laptops are useful things during their working life but if they break or just get too old and too slow to do anything productive with what can you do with them well.

If it’s the latter situation and it’s just too old and too slow to do any real work on. There are still some very useful use cases that you can put them to which I will be going into more detail about later.

However, if you have a broken one you are in for a whole heap of fun as there are loads of things, you can make out of dead laptops as there are so many still useful components and materials inside waiting to be repurposed.

So let’s get creative this tutorial show you how to do. So, the first task is to open them up so that we can get at the components.

They usually involve unscrewing any screws you can find on the back and prying apart the plastics. This process needs to be continued as you carefully separate all the internals.

After which we’re ready to start repurposing them as you can see there are quite a few of them most of which can be put some kind of use the first component.

I want to focus on though other speakers some laptops particularly those made around 2008 where media playback was a big focus had ridiculously good speakers and some even featured mini subwoofers as they’re usually built into their own sealed enclosures.

You don’t need to build a speaker box for them and that can be used as is my particular ones are even ported for extra base which is very cool now as they’re physically quite flat and make an interesting shape when placed together.

I glued them to each other and soldered them up to a mini bluetooth amplifier. Then, I also glued it in place as this amplifier works off 5 volts.

I sold it on a USB socket so that it can be plugged into a USB battery bank for power now to make it look a bit neater.

Next, I got some plastic strips and glued them together to fit around the perimeter of the speakers and after fitting on some thin fabric to apps as a grill.

It could be mounted directly onto a wall as it’s Bluetooth it can be wirelessly connected to a phone or tablet and used to listen to music or podcasts all while being unobtrusive and actually very impressive sounding for the size thanks to the well-designed speakers not bad.


Final Words

Just from a thing that seem to be useless, this DIY project can create an amazing bluetooth speaker. You can save your money and make a new hi-tech thing from dead laptops. I hope you love this DIY project.

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