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Downgrade WordPress – On a nice day, you are excited to upgrade WordPress to the latest version and then the website has interface problems because the theme or plugin is not compatible. 

How to handle this situation? In addition to finding ways to fix errors in code or restore backups, you have another option: downgrade WordPress to the old version. 

For the average user, this sounds quite complicated. However, thanks to the help of the plugin, it is easier than ever to do Downgrade WordPress task.

Downgrade WordPress to the old version with the WP Downgrade plugin

1. First, you must install and activate a plugin called WP Downgrade (download link).

Downgrade WordPress

2. Next, go to Settings ⇒ WP Downgrade. Enter the old version of WordPress that you want to install into the WordPress Target Version box. A list of released versions of WordPress, you can see here.

Downgrade WordPress

Click the Save Changes button to save. For example, here I choose version 4.9.12, you will immediately receive a notification to confirm that you want to Downgrade WordPress to selected version.

Click the Up- / Downgrade Core button to switch to the WordPress Updates page.

3. Click the Re-installation Now button.

Wait a moment for the installation process to complete, you will receive information about the WordPress version that looks like this.

Downgrade WordPress

Finally, don’t forget to disable and delete the WP Downgrade plugin. Because this time it is no longer needed for your website. It’s simple, right? Good luck!

In addition, for using WordPress to downgrade, you can also use WP Downgrade plugin to upgrade to a higher version of your liking that is not the latest version as the default. For example, I am using version 4.9.12 and want to upgrade to 5.1 instead of 5.3, I can use WP Downgrade to do this easily.

Final Words

Up to this section, I ensure that you know how to downgrade a WP website by a safety and easy way. However, you should take care some important steps to back up before you go. These steps will support you to avoid risks that can happen whenever on your website. In Addition, if your current WP version is working stable, you should stick on this version rather than upgrading a new WP version. You do upgrade when this really needs on your website.

Besides, if you want to upgrade version you can upgrade from direct link or you can download zip file and upzip on your server side. We already posted a new article how to unzip & zip on server to help you finish the task easily.


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