Earn easily more than $2 million per month from Youtube

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According to Pann, Dona is a YouTuber mukbang with monthly income of over VND 50 billion /// PHOTO: YOUTUBE NV | A&H Business Technology
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On the Pann forum, the article revolved around the income of the YouTuber mukbang (eating and recording) of Korea shocked netizens.

According to Pann, Dona is a YouTuber mukbang with monthly income of over VND 50 billion /// PHOTO: YOUTUBE NV
According to Pann, Dona is YouTubers mukbang income each month to more than 50 billion

According to the statistics that Pann put out, the top kimchi mukbangs (eating and recording) of kimchi land can bring about 200 million to 2 billion won per month. 

Leading the list of “swordfish” is Dona with an income of 2,846 billion won (more than USD$2,4 million) per month, many times higher than the rest of the rankings.

It is known that YouTuber Dona “started up” in April 2018 and increased the number of followers quickly thanks to the interesting clips related to eating, which were invested in both images and sound.

As of July 11, Dona’s channel has reached 5 million subscribers and attracted more than 2 billion views.

Pann has listed the top 5 hottest Korean mukbangs in Korea that have a very high income.


Each Dona product usually only ranges from 2-3 minutes, but has millions of views. At its peak, YouTuber’s lollipop and sweets videos reached over 200 million views after 5 months of launch.

This number is higher than the normal Kpop artists’ music videos. Last month, Dona just received a YouTube silver and gold button.

Following Dona is Jane ASRM with 796 million won per month (about USD$663,000 g), the income level is also a dream of many people. 

According to Pann , the remaining rankings in the top 5 Korean YouTuber mukbang that earn the most money each month are Hongyu ASRM – 445 million (equivalent to USD$400,000), Hamzy – 261.5 million won (more than USD $250,000) and Eat with Boki – 215.2 million won (approx USD $200,000).

Dona’s channel is beautifully presented, attracting audiences of all ages

Share about the terrible income figures above, netizens of kimchi comment YouTuber mukbang is indeed the happiest job in the world. Because these YouTubers not only enjoy many delicious dishes, they can also earn millions of won just by sitting at home filming the moments they eat and drink.

Mukbang used to order the form of eating and recording the whole eating process of the person sitting in front of the camera. In Korea, this profession became popular in the 2000s and appeared on many applications.

In recent years, mukbang has become more popular on YouTube and helped many YouTuber mukbang have a huge income.

However, mukbang also hides many unpredictable occupational accidents such as making the protagonist obese, losing weight, losing digestion, intestinal disorders, having heart problems …, even having be fatal.

In early July, a man in Shenyang (China) who was a mukbang had died because of high blood pressure and blood lipids due to moderation of eating, too much meat, greasy food …

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