UDEMY 2021 - English Vocabulary: 70 words in 3 hrs with Memory Techniques

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70 High Frequency words. Expert scientific techniques to retain forever. Also suitable for students taking IELTS / TOEFL

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn 70 High Frequency Words in < 3hrs
  • Never forget these words forever
  • Never forget these words forever


  • Nothing
  • Description

    # 30 days money back guarantee

    Embark into the world of easiest way to memorize words

    The complete Course is based on brain’s capability to retain a pictorial representation, having unique information embedded in it. To memorize a word, we are representing the word as a picture and then connecting it to its meaning. We will help you to capture this unique information through our well designed and very meticulously researched package. Once this information is captured by you, it’s a cake walk to recall the meaning of the word and vice versa.

    # You won’t be able to forget the words

    We won’t claim big but most of you would be able to remember all the words as soon as you finish this Course. And above all if you follow the instructions properly, you will be able to retain them for as long as you want. They will be so strongly imbibed in your brain that even if you force yourself to forget them, you simply won’t be able to do that.

    USP of Course

  • Speedy Learning –  2.5 min / word
  • Words with Memory techniques
  • Unique Image for each Word
  • Easy to remember & apply
  • Enroll for the course & Enjoy Learning… All the best !!

    Who is the target audience?

  • School or College Students
  • Students Preparing for IELTS TOEFL GMAT GRE
  • Anybody interested to learn new words
  • Students preparing for other Competitive Exams
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