UDEMY 2021 - Face Detection -Master Open CV with Digital Image Processing

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Face Detection – Digital Image Processing and Open CV using C++. Best course for face detection and Open CV

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What you’ll learn

  • Installing OpenCV and setting up with MS Visual 2013
  • Understanding and Using OpenCV library function
  • Understanding and Using OpenCV library function

  • Face tracking (Real-time and also from image)
  • Face tracking (Real-time and also from image)

  • Object Tracking (Real-time and also from image)
  • Using it with Arduino (or other microcontroller)
  • Requirements

  • Basic computer handling knowledge
  • Visual studio with website feature
  • Basic knowledge of asp .net
  • Description

  • Real time face detection and object tracking.
  • Embed robotics and micro controllers.
  • Smoothing images
  • Conversion of images to other color scale
  • Blending two images and many more
  • It helps you to Differentiate specific colors from an image and video stream through the webcam and also in doing projects like human detecting bots, color following bots, laser toy gun bots, bots playing football, etc.

    I am available for more than 13 hours on the platform, you can ask me any doubt any time. Also, we are offering 30 days money back guarantee with no questions asked.

    Our course on Face Detection is a perfect blend of simplicity and information.

    Enroll now to get the best of knowledge about Face Detection. Hope to see you inside. 😀

    Who is the target audience?

  • Interested in openCV
  • Using it with AVR Microcontollers
  • One who wants to develop artificial intelligence app using Face Detection
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