UDEMY 2021 - Fiverr Empire: Kickstart a Fiverr Career & Fiverr Brokering

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Beginner guide to Fiverr Business with absolutely no experience, how to outsource your Fiverr gigs and be the boss.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Fiverr, what is it? and why?
  • How to create and configure your own account
  • How to create and configure your own account

  • How to identify hot selling Gigs
  • How to identify hot selling Gigs

  • How to optimize your profile
  • How to create a Gig
  • How to get 5 stars rating
  • How to be featured by Fiverr
  • How to generate traffic to your profile
  • How to track your monthly trends and sales
  • Fiverr brokering secretes
  • Configure and optimize your profile
  • How to find freelancers
  • How to screen freelancers
  • Price your Gig for freelancers
  • How to deal with difficult freelancers
  • Requirements

  • You are already here, so we believe you need nothing else but Motivation, Patience and the Passion to Success
  • Description

    Have you ever had the sudden thought to quit whatever you’re doing now?

    Feeling tired and bored with your current 9 to 5 conventional job?

    Sitting on the same old desk for 5 to 10 years, working on the same routine day by day, Being underappreciated by your boss and paid peanuts for a pile of tasks you have done.

    Most importantly, you lost your direction and passion. You’re not doing something you like for life. You lack a platform to show your skills and talents.

    Working is a lifetime event. If working life is torturing, you’re not going to be happy with it for the rest of your life too. Instead of doing something that you hate, why not working on something you are truly passionate?

    How about starting your independent career on a platform where you can make use of your skills and talents to earn top dollars in a wealthy and profitable way?

    The platform We are going to introduce you is Fiverr.

    What is Fiverr anyway? And how can you achieve Fiverr success for beginners? What is Fiverr Arbitrage? 

    If you’re an active netizen, I am sure you’ve heard of Fiverr and Fiverr gigs. In case you don’t, Fiverr is a platform where you could post a freelancing offer of your service, and anyone else from the world that needs your service will pay you to do it, it is called Fiverr gigs. You don’t have to attend to an office. Instead, you could just work at the comfort of your home.

    As long as you have a digital device that can access the internet. Of course, most importantly, you must have internet or Wifi. Besides, you could also work on a flexible basis at times whenever you’re convenient. Every job you offer at Fiverr starts at a flat rate of $5 gig.

    Until today, there are already a few millions of freelancers using Fiverr to make extra income. Some of them have even quit their full-time job, to focus on building their online “Fiverr” career entirely. If you’re looking for a breakthrough in your career, this is it.

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