UDEMY 2021 - Full PHP & Swift. Create iOS Social App on Custom Backend

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Learn to Create iOS Social App on Swift, Xcode & PHP, MySQL, HTML on Custom backend. Learn multi languages at one time.

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What you’ll learn

  • Create own social network on custom backend
  • Program own backend server
  • Program own backend server

  • Code on Swift and Xcode
  • Code on Swift and Xcode

  • Code on PHP
  • Code on MySQL
  • Code on HTML
  • Develop outstanding animations and effects of App’s User Experience and User Interface
  • Build professionally well designed database
  • Create live background view
  • Deep and advance programming
  • Code professional User Experience and User Interface
  • Select profile picture and save it in our server
  • Show all posts made by user
  • Search users in database with Swift
  • See all the users in database with Swift
  • Go to Home Page of certain user
  • See posts made by certain user
  • Add records to database with Swift
  • Delete records from database with Swift
  • Search records in database with Swift
  • Update records in database with Swift
  • Upload files to database with Swift
  • Be professional programmer
  • Make posts
  • Upload files to own server
  • Advance Swift & Xcode knowledges
  • Login
  • Sign Up
  • Email of restoration confirmation
  • Email of resetting and creating new password
  • and many many more!
  • Requirements

  • You need only Mac OS
  • Description

  • Create App to make you rich and popular? – Yes! We learn it.
  • Improve yourself FROM BEGINNER (average) TO ADVANCE? – Yew! You’ll be Advance developer at completion.
  • Become professional Server Developer? – Yes! We learn it.
  • Learn several language at once? – Yes! We do it and combine them all together.
  • Create any in your mind? – Yes! We learn it.
  • You are, where you should be! Your destiny brought you here!


    Before I was using, Parse, Heroku, Firebase, as a backend, but I always wanted to create app that will work on my independent server. With Akhmed’s course I created my own social network along with my own server. My social network is getting popularity! – S. Goethe

    Akhmed’s courses are very easy to follow. Akhmed shows difficult things in most easiest way. I am very happy with result. He writes professional code. – U. Shivaji

    Programming skills?

    No development skills required. This course guides your from scratch. I explain every detail of coding. I teach you several languages at once. I teach you to create outstanding iOS app working on your server you can make money from.

    Before I knew only Swift but with this course I learned additionally PHP, MySQL, HTML. So, I am thinking to become web devebper as well, because now I have a good base! – I. Christos

    Explanation is very clear. Akhmed is explaining every detail of programming. I’ve gotten good experience. Keep going making such a greet courses. -T. Benton

    What at completion?

    Don’t worry, at completion of the course, you’ll know all about Swift, PHP, SQL, HTML languages; about Server Development; Databases Logic Creation; Database Structure Creation; Server & Database Connection to Your App; about Creating Social App working with your own Server and many many many more. 

    Very great teacher. Teaches you a lot of new tricks that never been shown before by others. – B. Okafor

    After I completed this course I was able to create my apps submitted to AppStore. I am very happy. People like my apps and it brings me income. – Q. Javed

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