UDEMY 2021 - Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments

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Learn professional investment analysis techniques for real estate investing in residential and commercial properties

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What you’ll learn

  • Confidently Evaluate the Return Potential of Any Real Estate Investment Opportunity
  • Know a “Good” Investment from a “Bad” Investment
  • Know a “Good” Investment from a “Bad” Investment

  • Use Professional Grade Investment Models to Evaluate Your Deals
  • Use Professional Grade Investment Models to Evaluate Your Deals

  • Evaluate Rental Income Properties
  • Evaluate Fix & Flips
  • Evaluate Commercial Properties
  • Evaluate Airbnb Properties
  • Use Smart Investment Deal Structures With Business Partners
  • Understand and Use Professional Real Estate Investment Strategies & Techniques
  • Requirements

  • Have Microsoft Excel 2011 or Newer
  • Description

    Here is what a few of my students have to say:


    James Mccarthy – 5 stars

    “The most bang for your buck, this is the most value packed course I have on Udemy out of 84. The tools and materials in this course are top notch. This course is a clear investment towards achieving my investment goals. Your not likely going to build a house without a hammer. You need the right tool for the job and this is it!!!!!!!”

    Dave Clinton – 5 Stars

    “The instructor not only gave you a strategy but he also show how to apply it in real world situations.”


    Bradley Garza – 5 Stars

    “Tremendous value – just a wealth of content and knowledge I don’t see anywhere else. The investment models and examples alone are worth 100x what I paid for this course. Instructor is responsive and continues to update content. Thank you Symon!”


    Mark Forest – 5 Stars

    “There is a tremendous amount of information in this course that far surpasses anything else offered by Udemy.


    It doesn’t matter what facet of the real estate investment industry you are interested in, this course is full of invaluable information that will save you time and, if you apply what you learn, money.


    Inside, you’ll find useful information on:


    •    Rental Income Properties

    •    Fix and Flips

    •    Multifamily Apartments

    •    Commercial Properties

    •    Land Development

    •    And a whole lot more!


    Want to know what REAL real estate investment analysis is all about?


    Tired of “no money down/get rich like me” real estate investing “secrets” from supposed real estate gurus that leave you filled with nothing but marketing fluff and upsells trying to convince you to purchase their $2000 elite coaching program?


    Me too. That’s why I developed this course for students who are looking for actual results and not a magic bullet.


    I can’t promise I’ll help you get rich enough to buy your own a yacht and and a pair of  Ferraris, but I canteach you some serious real estate investment analysis techniques.  The same techniques used by the best and most successful investors.

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