QUICK TIP - How to Activate Product Key/License on Kaspersky Total Security 2021

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Type the password and click Continue. | A&H Business Technology
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The validity period of an activation code purchased through the subscription service starts from the moment it was purchased.

Starting from the date of purchase, the amount of money specified in the subscription terms and conditions is monthly charged to the account specified during the purchase of the subscription code.

The activation code purchased through the subscription service is supposed to be activated as the main code right after it was purchased. For activation, follow these steps:

Step 1. Remove the current code through the application interface. 

The validity period of a current code does not stop after the code is removed from the application. Before the validity period of the code expires, you can use it to activate Kaspersky Total Security 2021 on a different computer.

  1. Open Kaspersky Total Security.
  2. In the lower-right corner of the main application window, click License.
  3. Click the  (cross) icon to the right from the activation key.

Delete your current activation code to activate a subscription code

  1. In the Attention! window, enter the password if you have password-protected the application settings. Next, click the Remove key button.

Type the password and click Continue.

Step 2. Activate the application with the activation code purchased through the subscription service.

  1. In the Licensing window that opens, click Activate the application.
  2. In the Activation window, enter the activation code you obtained when buying the license. Note that the code contains Latin letters only.
  3. Click the Activate button.
  4. In the Activation window, click Finish.

Your subscription to Kaspersky Total Security is now activated.

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