QUICK TIP - How to add ads Startapp in the game Unity

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How to add ads Startapp in the game Unity.

1. Introduction

Currently, there are many developers making games to earn more income, they have many ways to make money from the games. They make it in a popular way for many people by adding ads in the game to make money. It can be banners, full screen ads, video ads … Currently, there are many ad networks that support Unity. You can use such as Google’s Admob, Startapp, Unity Ads, Adbuddiz, Heyzap… so today, I am going to show you at beginning level about Unity-integrating ads into games with the ad network  and I think the most effective and simple integration that is Startapp.

2. Instructions

First, go to the Startapp home page to register for an account: “linktext”: https://portal.startapp.com/#/signup?referredBy=rfui2p6. Next step, create a new app as shown below.

Please enter your game link on the store and your game name then select the game platform, game genre.

Next, go to the Resource Center section to download the package corresponding to the corresponding operating system that your game supports, here I will guide you to the popular operating system, Android.

Go to RESOURCE CENTER and select your game platform here, I choose android and download the package for Unity:

Next, you create a Unity project, this will make you know how to do it. Then, we import the downloaded package into the project by double-clicking on the StartAppAndroidUnitySDK-3.1.3.unity package:

Next, open the Plugin / Android / AdroidMainfest file to see if there are enough things below in the application tab

Set the value to True for the following tag

Add the following permissions

Add the following two lines for a higher eCPM ratio:

Ok, next you find the file StartAppData.txt and enter your appID and developID

Note: this is a very important step if you mistakenly make money will make money for others or can not display ads.

You can find those two numbers in the following image:

Next we create a script named ShowAds.cs with the following content:

Next we create a new Scene in Unity and add the buttons as shown below

We add action to the buttons with the corresponding functions above.

Here we can build test and test on the phone.

Normally we will use Splash Ad show when first opening the app for the first time, this type of ad is highly effective so you should pay attention.

Next is a video ad in the form of playing a promotional video, this format also works well but is often annoying for players, so it must be used appropriately.

Full-screen ads and banners are often placed at screen switching times or when the player loses.

3. Note

When placing ads in the game, you pay attention to place ads appropriately, so as not to inhibit the player, it will be highly effective, because of the small profit in the immediate future, and indiscriminate advertising affecting the game.

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