QUICK TIP - How To Copy Ebook Easily Into Kindle Reader

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You can send ebooks via email or USB or use Amazon’s Send to Kindle for PC app to quickly copy ebooks and other documents to your Kindle.

How To Copy Ebook Easily Into Kindle Reader

1) Transfer documents via USB

From USB, you just need to drag and drop your ebook and other documents into the Document folder in your Kindle. If your Kindle supports audio, you can also add music and audio books to the Music and Audible folders.


Documents transferred to Kindle in this way will not be stored in a personal document library or automatically transferred to the new Kindle.


2) Send to Kindle for PC

Amazon’s Send to Kindle for PC app   is the fastest way to push free ebooks and other documents to your Kindle.

After installation, you’ll find an option called  Send to Kindle  in the menu on the right. You can quickly send documents to your Kindle without email or cable connection.

Copy ebook to kindle simply


Send to Kindle for PC also installs a virtual printer. Select Send to Kindle while printing and the document will appear on your Kindle.

Guide book copy into kindle


3) Send documents by mail to @ Kindle.com

Before the PC application was released, the main way to send documents to a Kindle without having to attach a cable was to send it to your @ Kindle.com email address.

Before sending, users will have to set up a personal email address. First, open  the  Manage Your Kindle Page on the Amazon website and click on the Personal Document Settings link   under your Kindle account in the sidebar.

Guide to copy book into kindle book reader

Click the  Add a New Approved Email Address link  and add the email addresses to the list. Only the addresses on this list will send documents to your Kindle.

Instructions for copying ebooks and Kindle readers

Once you’ve added an email address, users can now email documents to the Kindle to the address that appears on the page.

How to copy ebook to kindle


Manage personal documents on Kindle

Documents sent to the Kindle using  Send to Kindle application  or email address @ kindle.com are stored online in the user’s personal document library. When users use a new Kindle, they are automatically downloaded to the new Kindle, just like paid e-books.

You can view and manage your personal document library on the Manage Your Kindle page. Just click on the Personal Documents link   in the sidebar.


Use the Actions button of   the book you want to delete from the library or send it back to one of your Kindle devices.

Tips to download ebooks to Kindle reader

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