QUICK TIP - How To Create A Facebook Application Step-by-Step

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To create a Facebook Application, go and visit: http://developers.facebook.com/

Click on the “Create New App/ Add a New App” link.

Facebook Developer Page

Note: You need to use a personal Facebook Account to Create a Facebook Application. A business account won’t work. Your personal account needs to be a verified Facebook account. If your account isn’t verified yet, you’ll receive a text message from Facebook to verify your account. So make sure, that you have a mobile number set within your account, otherwise you won’t be able to create an App.

Enter the App Display Name and the contact email and click the “Create App ID”.

Create A New Facebook Application

Now it will redirect to the “Add Product” page and in this page click the “Set Up” button in “Facebook Login”.

Facebook App Captcha

Click the “Web” button.

Facebook Product Page

In the “Site URL” section add your site url and save it.

Facebook Canvas URL

Note: If the “Quickstart” page is blank and you cannot enter the domain url, please go to “Settings > Basic” section, just below the Dashboard and then click the “Add Platform” as shown below.

Facebook Canvas URL

Then select the “website” as given below.

Facebook Social Login Product

In this page you can add the site url and save it.

Facebook Social Login Product

Here enter the “Valid OAuth redirect URIs”.

Facebook Social Login Product

After entering the OAuth redirect URI and enable the “Client OAuth Login and Web OAuth Login”, please save the changes.

The app is ready now. Click the “Dashboard” link in the menu to see the app id and secret.

Facebook Change Icon

In the “Dashboard” we can see the App ID and App Secret.

Facebook App In Spam Mode

The App ID and App Secret are now ready. Click the “Show”button to see the App Secret. (The app secret is in alphanumeric and DON’T use ******* as App Secret.)

Configure the App ID and App Secret with the plugin.

Facebook App ID and Secret

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