QUICK TIP - How to Join and Earn From Brave Ads

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What is the Brave Web Browser?

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Brave is a free, decentralised and open source web browser which is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Founded by Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla, Brave is a search engines that aims to revolutionize the browsing and advertising experience as well as the way web works today.


This search engine looks and works like Chrome but the similarities stop there.

Brave is much more than a browser. Designed with a built-in ad and tracker blocker, it will automatically blocks ads, website tracking, malware, phishing, plugins and all unwanted content. Providing a safer, faster and ad-free browsing experience to all internet users.


And most importantly, Brave has a reward system that incentivizes readers and content creators with its Basic Attention Token (BAT).


What Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum based token created alongside the platform to reward its users and content creators.

It pays users for their attention, publishers and creators for their content while providing advertisers with bigger returns for their ads.

Benefits of using Brave Browser:

  1. Browse faster: Without all the ads, pop-ups and videos, it helps to speed up the page loading times, giving you up to 8x faster web browsing experience.
  2. Block ads and trackers: By default, Brave browser is ad-free. You can browse seamlessly without seeing any ad on your screen.
  3. Control your privacy: Brave never collect, store or has any access to your browsing and personal information.
  4. More secure: Brave will automatically upgrade any sites with HTTP to secure HTTPS.
  5. Save money: Yes, Brave browser can really help you save money. With faster performance, you can reduce your mobile data usage. You don’t have to pay for redundant ads and trackers.
  6. Earn money: See opt-in ads in exchange for rewards, get paid for your content, $7.50 worth BAT for each referral and more.
  7. It’s completely free for everyone to use.


4 Ways to Earn Brave Rewards

Brave Browser offers several ways to make money for both everyday users and content creators.


Earn BAT by Watching Ads

As internet users, you can download Brave browser, turn on “Brave ads” and start earning free BAT for watching ads and surfing the web.


Although you can’t get rich by watching ads, it’s better than nothing when you use Chrome or other web browsers. Plus, Brave shares 70% of their ad revenues with you.

How to Join and Earn From Brave Ads

  1. Download and install Brave browser on your computer.
  2. Open Brave Browser and click on “BAT triangle logo”  in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Turn on “Brave Rewards” and “Ads”.
  4. Click on “Ads Settings” and choose the maximum number of ads you want to see per hour (1 to 5 per hour).
  5. That’s it. You’ll receive push notification ads that’s not disruptive and relevant according to your ads settings.


How much can you earn with Brave Ads?

Brave Ads is not mandatory. You don’t have to do anything if you’d like to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. However, if you’d like to earn money, you can opt into Brave Rewards, view ads and earn a portion of ads revenue in BAT in return.

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