How to recover data from a hard drive when it did not work!

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Hello and welcome to this hard drive data recovery tutorial. It will help you a lot and you also save your pocket. You can recover data from a hard drive.

The task is not too hard or complex and it is so easy to recover data from a hard drive.

Why recover data from a hard drive?

Now, the drive we are going to try to recover data from hard drive in one laptop hard drive. Let’s imagine that it contains a lot of important data that you really want to recover and how will you do?

You’re probably staring at a file icon with a question mark, or Windows is telling you it detected “a hard disk problem.” Maybe you accidentally deleted something you now need.

And you didn’t back up your files to a hard drive, or a Cloud storage system, did you? We’ve been there.

For any issue like this, first, stop whatever you’re doing on the device on which you lost the file, and read this on a phone or another computer. This may increase the chances for recovery.

So, the situations lead to raise the important role of “Recover data from a hard drive” DIY project.

However, before implementing the project, you should check all possible software methods before conducting the projects by your own risk to recover data from a hard drive.

The DIY project will combine the software and hard fixing method to recover data from a hard drive.

Diagnostic Step and check-up before “recover data from a hard drive”

Now, when you’re repairing a hard drive the first thing to do is have a listen to how it sounds.

You should do this action before implementing further steps to recover data from a hard drive, because the action can tell you a lot about what’s actually wrong with it.

recover data from a hard drive

So, let’s plug your hard drive into an external drive enclosure and see what kind of sound it makes. Then, you can hear that does not sound very promising for our little hard drive. It sounds like it’s having trouble spinning up.

This is what a hard drive should sound like and this clearly did not sound like that. So, what that says to us is that perhaps the motor has gone.

However, we think the more likely reason for it not spinning up is that the hard drive heads have gotten stuck on the hard drive platter. It is preventing it from starting to spin.

Therefore, the first thing you can try is hit it sideways onto a table surface. You can try it whilst. It’s trying to spin up because it can actually help to get the heads loose. However, this can obviously cause damage.

head crash is a hard-disk failure that occurs when a read–write head of a hard disk drive comes in contact with its rotating platter, resulting in permanent and usually irreparable damage to the magnetic media.
It is most commonly caused by a sudden severe motion of the disk, for example the jolt caused by dropping a laptop to the ground while it is operating or physically shocking a computer.

So, we stress and only do it if you can’t afford data recovery. Thus, that’s the first thing you can try and if that doesn’t work what you can try doing is what this tutorial.

Recovery data by using software before taking the “recover data from a hard drive”

Most recovery apps start as a free trial, then will charge you if a scan indicates that it can likely recover your files.

Sounds like extortion, but the idea is that we’d be even more mad if we paid for the service, then it told us that it couldn’t work. EaseUS and Recuva both come recommended.

So, we’ve tested and can vouch for Prosoft Data Rescue and Ontrack (see below). These apps scan the affected drives (or USB sticks, whatever) and let you search for whatever you’re missing by file type, name, etc.

They’ll also show you recently deleted files, and tell you how recoverable they are. The process is as intuitive as any modern app, though the results are never guaranteed.

As an established data recovery laboratory performing all types of data recovery on a daily basis, we know it inside and out!

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