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AHBT will guide you how to use Kindle Paperwhite reading machine. With just a few simple steps, you can completely use the Kindle Paperwhite reader easily.

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USB port / Charger port: Use the USB cable supplied with the device to charge the battery and exchange files with the computer.

Power button: Disable Kindle Paperwhite or put the device to sleep mode.


Use the touch screen:

Kindle Paperwhite supports touch screen. To select an object, simply touch it. With Kindle Paperwhite you can completely turn the page of a book while holding the device with one hand.

Kindle Paperwhite user guide

Tip: You can also turn pages by sliding your finger across the screen. To move to the next page, slide your finger from right to left across the screen. To return to the previous page, slide your finger from left to right across the screen.

Charger for Paperwhite:

Use the cable supplied with your device to connect your Kindle to your computer to charge or convert files. You can use 3rd party chargers if they are compatible or purchase additional genuine Amazon chargers for Kindle products.

Sac pin kindle paperwhite



When the device is charging, a lightning bolt will appear on the battery icon on the top of the screen.

_ The process of charging with genuine Amazon charger will take about 3 hours.

_ Charging with a 3rd-party charger or via USB through a computer will take approximately 4 hours or more depending on the device.


Turn off / Turn on Kindle Paperwhite or put it into Sleep Mode:

The power button on the bottom of the Kindle is used to turn on / off or to enter sleep mode.

Guide to use Kindle paperwhite books 2018

To turn on Kindle Paperwhite:

Method 1: Press and release the Power button

Method 2: Genuine Amazon leather case for Kindle Paperwhite has the ability to automatically turn off and turn on the Kindle screen when closing or opening the leather case.


Return to Sleep mode:
Press and hold the power button until the screensaver appears, then release. Or your Kindle will be put to sleep after a few minutes of non-use.
Paperwhite genuine leather case can automatically put the device to Sleep when closed.

Turn off the device:
Press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the backlight is pure white. The battery life of Kindle between sleep mode and off mode is equivalent.

Sign up for Kindle Paperwhite with Amazon:

When you register your Kindle with your Amazon.com account, you will be able to buy and download content from Amazon. If your Kindle was given or bought from someone else, you may need to deregister it before re-registering with your own account.

You can also register or unsubscribe to  Kindle Paperwhite  on your device or on Amazon.com through  Manage Your Kindle .

Note: You need to connect your Kindle to wifi to be able to register or unsubscribe from on the device.

To register a device:

1) From the Home screen, select Menu, then Settings

2) At Registration, you will see whether your Kindle has been registered or not. If it is currently Unregistered, select Registration.

3) Choose an option or register with an existing account or create an account and follow the instructions.

4) When the Kindle was registered with your account, you can see your device name in the upper left corner of the main screen and your name listed in the Registration section.


To unsubscribe from Kindle Paperwhite:

Cach bo dang ky kindle paper white


From the Home screen, select Menu and then Settings

Select Registration, and select Deregister.


Use the toolbar:
Swipe from top to bottom to see the toolbar. Different toolbars will appear depending on the screen you are using.

At the main screen:

Cach dung kindle white paper

If you are reading a book:

Kindle Paperwhite gia re


Adjust the screen brightness:

The paperwhite Kindle screen provides convenient options for reading in low-light environments. Kindle Paperwhite ‘s E Ink  screen  provides sharpness, anti-glare and perfect reading experience with or without a lamp.

Cach chinh do sang kindle paper white

To use the backlight, select while reading:

Den nen kindle paperwhite



_ Slide your finger along the light and dark scale to adjust the brightness.

_ Touch and hold the button – to switch back to the minimum brightness. Note: Even if it’s in the lowest brightness mode, the light doesn’t turn off completely unless you put your Kindle in Sleep mode.

_ Touch and hold the + button to turn on the screen at maximum brightness.

Tip:  Low light levels are suitable for reading in low-light rooms, and higher levels are suitable for high-brightness rooms.

Using the virtual keyboard:
The virtual keyboard appears below the screen when you touch the Search box in the toolbar or start other tools that require input.

How to use virtual keys kindle paperwhite


To use the keyboard:

Select and press numbers and characters.



to return to the normal keyboard.

Select the Shift key (up arrow) to enter capital letters.

To enter non-English characters, press and hold a related key to display non-English related characters and select the desired character.


Change the default dictionary:

You can copy more  dictionaries  for your  Paperwhite , then simply change the default dictionary you want. To change the default dictionary:

1) From the Home screen, select  Menu, then  Settings.

2) Select  Device Options, Then select  Language and Dictionaries.

3) Select  Dictionaries  and choose a default dictionary type that you want.

4) Chọn OK. Your Kindle restarts with menus in the selected language.


Turn off Wi-Fi:
Airplane Mode will turn off the wireless connection on your Paperwhite. You can use this feature to turn off wireless at all times. To turn on Airplane Mode:

1) From the Home screen, select  Menu, then  Settings

2) Select  On  next to Airplane Mode. When Airplane Mode is on, an airplane icon will appear on the top corner of the Kindle Paperwhite screen next to the battery icon.

3) Select  Off  to restore wireless connection.

Cach chinh wifi kindle paperwhite

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