UDEMY 2021 - Illustrator CC– THE Illustrator Master Class

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Illustrator, a complete course on mastering Adobe Illustrator. Learn all the Illustrator tools & a productive workflow.

You can find "Download Link" as a button at the end of this article.

What Will I Learn?

  • Use all the tools within Illustrator CC
  • Be able to use the Pen tool in Illustrator
  • Be able to use the Pen tool in Illustrator

  • Over 60 Illustrator CC lectures
  • Over 60 Illustrator CC lectures

  • Stylize type with Illustrator CC
  • Be able to use Image Trace to turn your hand drawn illustrations into vector
  • Requirements

  • PC or Mac
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Description

    “The content of the course is perfectly structured and expertly delivered. The flow of the content builds knowledge and skills in a logical fashion. Chris has a really good presentation style. Of key importance, when students ask questions, Chris answers them in a thorough and comprehensive manner. Highly recommended. Regards.” ~ Mick

    The course starts off with the basic foundations and proceeds to more advanced tools.  A course worksheet is included.  Use to follow along with and practice what you learn.  Stuck?  No problem, I’m available for continued discussions relating to the course material.  Throughout the course, I encourage students to practice what they learn and post their work in the discussion area for any type of feedback (or additional questions).

    What will you learn in this Illustrator CC master course?  Here is a list of just some of the Chapters in this course on mastering Illustrator CC…

  • The Illustrator Pen tool
  • Be More Productive in Illustrator
  • Color Management in Illustrator
  • Illustrator Image + Masks
  • Illustrator Anchors + Paths
  • Creating Vector Shapes in Illustrator
  • Effects + Appearance Panel in Illustrator
  • Typography in Illustrator
  • Output
  • Image Trace in Illustrator <– I love this one!
  • an much more…
  • Once you’ve completed this comprehensive course on Adobe Illustrator CC, you’ll be comfortable with the tools, how to apply them and have the skill set for a fast and productive workflow.

    A fun, entertaining training course on Illustrator CC. This Illustrator course is designed for beginners.

    Who is the target audience?

  • Graphic Designers
  • Artists
  • Course is designed for Illustrator CC beginners
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