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Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure is a big topic in IT development. This article will focus on a proposal project to develop IT in AusEd which is an educational organisation in Australia. This organisation has extended to many different locations, therefore IT infrastructure development has an important role to support business activities to achieve the organisation’s vision in future and sustainable development via green environment and save energy.

Project Preliminaries Description

AusEd is an online learning university that has provided IT programs. It is easy to see its role as allowing students to “be what they want to be” through these online programs. Students can gain university degree without going to campus. IT discipline-specific skills and generic transferable skills have been assisted by the learning opportunities that have been supported by communities, industries and businesses in partnership. These links will create alternative learning experiences and opportunities to add more benefits into the learning journey of students. AusEd’s aim is to offer a diverse community of career professional that can contribute to social change positively. The organisation prides itself on being a professional provider, creating postgraduate education to many who want to get a fantastic opportunity to experience it. Therefore, this project will support AusEd to analyse some possible problems in IT infrastructure and suggest some crucial solutions that assist them to improve the service quality, efficient system operation and adapt to rapidly changing technology in IT infrastructure.

Purpose and scope of the problem space as well as business context

Before raising the purpose and scope of the problem, there is an analysis to understand the business circumstance in term of information technology infrastructure system development.

Business context:

AusEd online education has currently focused on three major divisions sales, course delivery, and operations. Firstly, the sales department has managed the sales and marketing operation. Managing agents and code promotion are the mains targets. SugarCRM is an important enterprise application for customer relationship management that has been used to assist these activities from sales department to empower the company to gain and retain customers. Secondly, course delivery division has distributed for the development of course material and running the special study centres and others. Thirdly, the operations division has controlled all the operations encompassing accounting, email and other essential services. MYOB is the essential application that they has implemented to manage accounting activities. For enhancing sustainable development, the organization has conduct a crucial strategic plan including two main parts. The first part is increasing income by diversifying sources of funding such as Australia’s AusAid and New Zealand’s NZAid. In order to archive this plan, they add more education services to areas with low quality and unstable Internet connections. In addition, AusEd also wants to improve reliability of student assessments. The second thing is minimising cost of none-core activities. For details, AusEd will seriously consider to reduce various supportive activities on operations and technology development.

Purpose and scope of the problem

In this part, the purpose and scope of the problem will consider after analysing business context. AusEd has a specification feature that all educational activities are online learning so that networking infrastructure is an important role such as website learning, email, external agents and management applications. In addition, the major subject in university is Information Technology so that IT infrastructure must be good enough to ensure all education activities are reliable and stable. After reviewing the current system, educational activities features and AusEd’s development strategies, this project will suggest some beneficial points to enhance the performance, technology and security of the current system in order to achieve minimising cost as much as possible.

Scope of the system descriptions and assumptions

Scope of the system descriptions

In general view, AusEd has five main sites in many different places, including two branch offices in Pt. Moresby and Suva and four study centres in Melbourne, Sydney, PNG and Suva that will connect with head office in Darwin through the internet environment as a diagram illustrates below:

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