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Hi All, this is the first tutorial “Install the Selenium environment with Python” in the series called: Selenium is not difficult to be guided by programming is not difficult. This is a series of tutorials for Selenium from the perspective of a data engineer, programmer, helping you to master Selenium for a number of main tasks:

  1. Build automated software on the browser
  2. Collect data from websites for work

However, anyone who wants to learn and use Selenium can start with this not difficult Selenium series. Because the purpose of this tutorial series is to help you know how to use Selenium.

In this first article, we will help you set up your environment to start working with Selenium. To help make learning simplest and most effective. We will decide to use the Python language to write code in this series. Selenium supports multiple languages ​​and has the same function syntax (I’ve tried both with java and python so this conclusion is available). Therefore, if you use a different language, the ideas implemented, or even the functions of Selenium are similar in all languages.

As such, the tasks we need to do in this article include:

  • Install the Python programming environment
  • Install the environment using Selenium
  • Test run the program first

Install the Python programming environment

In this section, we will guide the installation of the Python environment for both Linux and Windows operating systems. Therefore, you only need to do the work of the operating system you are using.

After installing the environment corresponding to each operating system, download and install the PyCharm IDE. This is an IDE that runs on both Linux and Windows.

Install Python on Windows

Installing Python on windows is very simple. Please go to https://www.python.org/downloads/ to download the version of Python you want to install. We recommend that you use the latest Python version (currently 3.7.3 when we are writing). Special note does not install Python 2

After downloading the installation file, you install normally as other software. But remember to tick the box “Add python 3.x to PATH” as shown below.

Install the Selenium environment with Python
Install the Selenium environment with Python

Note when installing python on windows After the installation is completed, make sure you install successfully by checking the settings in the section below.

Install Python on Linux

By default, the Linux operating system only has Python 2 (the version has stopped development). Therefore, you should install Python 3 to use. How to install the following:

Open Terminal (Shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T) and run the following commands:

Such is completed. Please check if the installation has been successful below.

Make sure you have successfully installed Python

After installation is complete, make sure you have successfully installed Python. Open CMD on Windows (Press Windows + R => Type cmd => Enter). Or Terminal on Linux and type 2 commands as shown below:

If there are no errors and there is information on the version of Python that has just been installed, it is successful. Now you can move on to section 2.

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