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Tutorial for downloading documents and resources on ahbusinesstechnology.com.


As you all know, the ahbusinesstechnology.com does not only share articles about knowledge about Linux, Network Administration, Internet, … but also shares the good documents that ahbusinesstechnology.com collects.

It can make sure the sources is reliable and stable, we usually upload these files on three popular and reliable storage sources such as Google Drive, Mediafire and MegaNZ  and share the download link again.

For offering a good service for you, we need to maintain budgets for this website to operation as well as use some online storage services. Therefore, ahbusinesstechnology.com asked for permission to use the shortened link service with ads to earn a small income to maintain the website.

We would like to thank you for your sympathy, and we will attempt to handle all the activity of downloading materials via the shortened advertisement link at the website ahbusinesstechnology.com.

The process of shortened link with ads and implementation of download links of files

Shortened link Process

Instructions for downloading documents via shortened links with ads

Step 1 :
– Access the shortened link by clicking on the download icon corresponding to the name of the Online storage source (Mega.nz, Mediafire, Google Drive).


Step 2 :
– The links in the download button will redirect you to one of the external link shortened websites as below:

  1. https://1shortlink.com/xxx
  2. https://fc.lc/xxx
  3. https://linkviet.net/xxx


After clicking on “Continue” button, you wait about 15-20 seconds to generate link


Step 3 :
Then you will be redirected to the link to download page, automatically.


  • After waiting time for ready, you stick to “I’m not a robot”. Then a small window will ask you to select image with things such as, car, traffic lights, or palm trees…

Step 4 :
After selecting requested images, you click on “verify” button. Then you click on “Click here to continue”.

Step 5 :
After that, you will wait for a 10 seconds countdown. Then, you can click on “Get link” to download the file.



If there are any difficulties in downloading the document via the shortened ad link on ahbusinesstechnology.com, or you can view this tutorial to help you “Download files fastest with uTorrent“.

Please take the time to comment below for your support. We appreciate for your efforts!

Thanks and hope you come back on our site!

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