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Real Technical Interview Questions from GOOGLE, AMAZON 2021… that you can meet in your interview.

This post will update all real technical questions related to Information Technology IT in 2021. Next, we will give you the answers for these questions. So, these answers will help you to prepare for your interview. Moreover, you should remember the more you prepare the more you become more confident.

Technical Interview Questions-Networking

This section will cover some basic knowledge that interviewer can ask you in technical round that relating to networking. Thus, these questions you need to review and prepare better that will increase your performance and your confidence.

  • Difference between router, switch.
  • What is a Broadcast Domain?
  • DHCP DORA process
  • DNS – detailed explanation. TCP/UDP and why?
  • Subnetting
  • Complete flow when you trigger a domain name Ex:
  • OSI model with complete details and protocols on each layer.
  • TCP and SSL handshake
  • Difference between TCP/UDP, examples
  • Flow/error control
  • What is a firewall, why do you need it?
  • OSI Model

Technical Interview Questions-Operating System (OS)

  • OS boot process (Win/Linux)
  • Memory management; Memory pages; Buffer and Caches, Basic commands
  • System date/time management, network time protocol
  • Managing Users and groups
  • File permissions
  • Managing software’s – installation, uninstallation, upgrade etc.
  • How can you manage system services and background processes
  • Remote management of a system – SSH, RDP etc.
  • Network protocols – FTP, HTTP (web servers), SMTP (mail server)
  • System automation – cron, batch jobs, windows startup tasks


  • The questions will focus on System performance – CPU, DISK, memory and network
  • How you can handle with System Login issues?
  • How much you can understand the System booting issues
  • Do you know about System logs and how can you solve the problems?
  • How can you fix the issue when a visitor connects a blank page?
  • Linux commands for troubleshooting network connectivity issues, can you list out some commands that you often used to fix the issues.
  • Which steps you will use to troubleshoot when a website is slow?

We are continuing to update answers & questions in this post. You can follow up this post for new updates.

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