UDEMY 2021 - Learn Blockchain By Building Your Own In JavaScript

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Code out your very own Blockchain and decentralized network in the JavaScript programming language.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Have your own, fully functional, blockchain prototype.
  • Learn how the code behind blockchain technology functions.
  • Learn how the code behind blockchain technology functions.

  • Learn why blockchain technology is a very secure means of storing data.
  • Learn why blockchain technology is a very secure means of storing data.

  • Learn how a decentralized blockchain network works.
  • Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript.
  • NodeJS installed.
  • The entire course is done on a Mac – if you have a Windows PC, you will be responsible for adapting the information to that operating system.
  • Description

    The blockchain that you build in this course will have all of the following features:

  • A proof of work algorithm to secure the network.
  • Hashing algorithms to secure the data within the blockchain.
  • The ability to mine (create) new blocks that contain data.
  • The ability to create transactions and store them in blocks.
  • An API/server that will be used to interact with the blockchain from the internet.
  • It will be hosted on a decentralized blockchain network.
  • A consensus algorithms to verify that the network nodes have valid data and are synchronized.
  • A broadcasting system to keep the data in the blockchain network synchronized.
  • Many other awesome features!…
  • When you have completed this course you will have built out your own blockchain prototype in code.  You will have a thorough understanding of how blockchain technology actually works and why this technology is so secure and valuable.  You will also have a deep understanding of how decentralized blockchain networks function and why decentralization is such an important feature for securing the blockchain. The whole process of storing, securing, and validating data/transactions on the blockchain will become very clear.

    Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to build their own Blockchain Prototype in code.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how Blockchain Technology works under-the-hood.
  • Anyone who wants to understand how the “decentralization” of blockchain actually works.
  • Anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of why Blockchain Technology is valuable.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how the code behind Blockchain Technology works.
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