UDEMY 2021 - Master Full-Stack Web Development | Node, SQL, React, & More

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Build a fullstack project with Node.js, PostgreSQL, SQL, React, Redux and more! Covers APIs, authentication, and beyond!

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What you’ll learn

  • Build a backend server and application with Node.
  • Build a web API with Node and Express.
  • Build a web application with React and Redux.
  • Build a secure authentication system from scratch.
  • Understand NodeJS under the hood, including the V8 engine and the famous event loop.
  • Understand relational database design and its advantages.
  • Understand essential web development concepts like web requests, client-server relationships, and the core web protocols.
  • Know the tradeoffs between certain software naming practices for functions and table names in the database.


  • Some coding experience is required for this course. This course is not an intro to programming. It’s best taken after one or two intro to programming courses have already been completed.
  • Node, PostgreSQL, React, and Redux experience is NOT required. All of these concepts will be explained from the beginning.
  • JavaScript experience is recommended. This course will introduce JavaScript and explain every line. However, once a keyword has been introduced, the course assumes that you are familiar with the concept. The focus is on full-stack concepts, and not learning JavaScript for the first time. If this is your first time learning JavaScript, view the pace of the course as a great way to see all the different aspects of the language.
  • Some experience on the command line is recommended, but not absolutely required. This course does have a short refresher on command line principles, and we’ll only use the basics. But the more comfortable you are on the command line, the better.


With five minutes, allow me to explain why.

This is the course that I needed before becoming a software engineer

This is the course that I needed before becoming a full-time software engineer, working downtown in San Francisco. It teaches the concepts that I put into practice every day. It’s crucial to understand the entire full-stack.

But while I was self-learning, covering every layer full-stack was like searching for distant fragments of a huge puzzle. All the resources were spread out. They were all in different locations.

I needed it all in one place. I needed it to be all in one project. That is the purpose of this course.

This course is the selected highlights of months (years actually) of research. Of reading hundreds of coding articles. Of listening to tech talks. Of building projects at hackathons. Of studying computer science in college. Of working on projects as a software engineer.

All in one place. In one all-encompassing project.

Feature-focused, like the Industry

The project in this course mirrors projects that you would work on in the industry.

I also structured the project development to mirror how apps are built in the industry. You will evolve your full-stack project, just like how projects in the real world grow. You will be feature-focused.

You’ll build the project one feature at a time – continually improving the software and shipping to the users.  This is distinct from other courses that are architecture-focused. Meaning, you won’t build the entire backend, and then move on to the entire frontend. Instead, each new feature will involve every aspect of the full-stack architecture.

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