UDEMY 2021 - Master Java Reactive Programming with RxJava 2

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Discover one of the most trending paradigms in programming world: Reactive Programming with RxJava

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What you’ll learn

  • You will understand the purpose behind RxJava development and how to use it
  • You will have the right tools and knowledge to make your application reactive and asynchronous
  • You will have the right tools and knowledge to make your application reactive and asynchronous

  • Master the Observable and Observer interfaces of rxJava
  • Master the Observable and Observer interfaces of rxJava

  • learn how to manupulate and transform data streams with rxJava operators
  • Test and debug you reactive app using some action operators
  • Use schedulers in order to make rxjava apps multithreaded
  • Requirements

  • Java basics
  • Be familiar with basic functional programming is preferred but not mandatory
  • Any IDE tool is sufficient
  • Description

    The course is subdivided as following:

  • Observable and Observers: working and manipulating data streams in a much more seamless way
  •  RxJava Operators: we will use lambda expressions in operators to transform, reduce, suppress and even perform all sorts of actions on data streams
  • Combinations and multicasting: combining techniques like zipping and merging to put all different observables into one observable
  • Flowables: a great alternative when dealing with huge data sets and with higher velocity
  • Concurrency operators: to make rxjava applications multithreaded
  • Transformers: to compose our own operators and be able to create new ones if needed
  • Testing and debugging: with rxjava testing operators
  • With this comprehensive curriculum student will have a solid knowledge in rxjava

    So let’s rock it guys !

    Who is the target audience?

  • Developers keen to have a grasp of new trends in java programming
  • Software developers and students
  • Professionals in the programming realm
  • Anyone who has programming curiousity towards new trends
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