UDEMY 2021 - Modern JavaScript The Complete Course – Build +15 Projects

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Learn JavaScript the most popular language for Web Development – Includes ES6, React & NodeJS & +15 Complete Projects!

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn the latest JavaScript features such as Async JS, Fetch API, Async Await & more
  • You’re going to learn how to consume REST API’s with JavaScript
  • You’re going to learn how to consume REST API’s with JavaScript

  • How to create JavaScript classes and OOP
  • How to create JavaScript classes and OOP

  • You’re going to learn more advanced topics such as Generators, Iterators, Maps, Sets, Promises & more
  • OOP JavaScript with Object Constructors, Classes & Prototypes
  • Asynchronous JavaScript with Callbacks, Promises & Async Await
  • Add Interaction to your websites
  • Requirements

  • A Text Editor, i’m using Visual Studio Code
  • A Browser, i recommend Google Chrome
  • Internet, videos can be watched only with internet or via Udemy App
  • If you know HTML, CSS and you want to start creating Interactive Website, JavaScript is the way to go, and you’re in the right course
  • Description

    JavaScript Versions included in this Course: ES6, ES7, ES8 === ‘Modern JavaScript’;

    Just Added a ReactJS Introduction By Building a Project and a NodeJS Introduction with Pug, Sequelize, Express & Bootstrap

    The most complete JavaScript course on Udemy, learn by building Projects!

    In this course you’re going to learn JavaScript, from the fundamentals to Intermediate and Advanced Topics such as Prototypes, Delegation, Classes, Ajax, Promises, Generators, OOP, Fetch API, Async Await, Async JS, Objects, how to consume REST API’s and more!

    Before we Jump into the projects, i’m going to explain the Fundamentals of JavaScript, so if you don’t have any previous experience, you’re in the right course!

    if you are unfamiliar with this topics, you’re in the right course because you’re going to learn all of this and BUILD AMAZING PROJECTS

    The best way to learn something new in programming is by building projects, in this course we’re going to build several projects from  beginner to advanced level.

    Included projects in this course:

  • Save from Form into Local Storage
  • Simulate Email Sending App
  • Generate Names from a REST API
  • Cryptocurrencies rate from a REST API (more than 100 cryptocurrencies included)
  • Events in your city with EventBrite and REST API
  • Shopping Cart with Local Storage
  • Car Insurance Live Quotation
  • My Weekly Budget APP
  • Pet Appointment Manager with IndexedDB
  • Search Lyrics Online
  • PerfectCocktail – A Drink Recipes APP
  • More Projects are added every month, have an idea? send me a message!


    PROJECT: Save into local storage from HTML Form

    In this project you will learn how to read the values from a HTML Form  and Inputs, then the data is going to be saved into LocalStorage so even if you close the tab or reload the window the info is going to be there thanks to this amazing JavaScript feature.

    PROJECT: Adding Courses into the Shopping Cart

    This project will help you a lot to understand DOM Scripting and how to traverse in all the HTML of your website.

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