UDEMY 2021 - OOP Object Oriented Programming In PHP 7

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What Will I Learn?

  • Almost all topics of object oriented programming given in PHP manual.
  • Apply Advanced OOP concepts in your applications.
  • Covers almost all topics of OOP in any PHP certification.
  • Add OOP skill in your CV.
  • Requirements

  • Little knowledge of basic PHP.
  • Description

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    In 2nd section we will discuss the basics of OOP with real life example and then how to map it in objects, classes, properties and method.

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    Then how to create objects and classes in php? How to add properties and methods? How to use them? And at the end of this section we will learn about parameters and return values of a method.

    3rd section describes the visibility and its three levels. Then why we need to define public, private or protected visibility of properties and methods in a class.

    4th section describes the concept of constants in classes.

    5th section describes about data encapsulation. Why we need it? And how to implement it and then the benefits of encapsulation.

    In 6th section we will discuss about inheritance with real life example. Then how to translate it in classes, properties and methods in php code. What is ISA and HASA relationship and where to use ISA and where to use HASA in classes and objects.

    7th section describes the problem when a child class needs its own version of parent class method then how overriding of method  solves this problem. Then how you can preserve parent class method’s functionality while overriding.

    8th section describes how you can block inheritance and method overriding using final keyword.

    9th section describes what is the meaning of abstract in real world, then what is the meaning of abstract classes, why we need i? What are the abstract methods and why we need it? Then we will also discuss how to create abstract classes and methods in php.

    At the end what are the key points for abstract classes and methods.

    In 10th section we will discuss what happens when two classes from completely different class hierarchies need some similar behaviour and how interface solve this problem.

    In 11th section we will discuss what happens when an object is born and when it dies. How we can handle things in both situations using constructor and destructor. How to define and use constructor and destructor using magic methods __construct() and __destruct().

    12th section describes a situation where we need only one copy of properties and methods for all objects of a class. Static keyword can solve this problem. So we will see how we can create and use static properties and methods without creating an object of a class.

    In 13th section describes that there are 15 magic methods in php. So we will discuss these magic methods one by one in detail.

    14th section is the biggest one in this course. In this we will discuss about errors and exceptions.

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