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PopAds Guide – Introduction | A&H Business Technology

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through each step of the way to properly setup your campaigns and targeting options on PopAds.

Indeed, this is a PopAds case study that’s really gonna help you out big time!

Even so, our experts have already created an awesome PopAds review you can check!

In this one, you will also learn how to optimize your campaigns as I share a quick case study about optimizing that will help you build more profitable campaigns on PopAds.

But for now, let’s get to the good stuff and see if we can increase your PopAds earnings.

The some useful resources hit me up and asked if I would share some of my insights with you.

When we started to brainstorm about what topics I could write about, the idea of a guide and case study about PopAds was just a perfect fit.

You see, I have been scaling one of my campaigns on different sources and using it as a demonstration for my coaching students to learn how to optimize and scale their own.

I had just started to run traffic to a test campaign on PopAds and the data I’ve collected is a great example to use for this guide.

How to Properly Set Up a PopAds Campaign

First things first, we need to understand the right way to set up a PopAds campaign.

Click Here to Create a PopAds Account

What I’ve noticed is that many new affiliates will overthink the process of setting up a campaign.

They either second guess themselves or they get stuck when seeing all of the options available on the settings.

Pro Tip: it’s very important to understand as much as you can about a traffic source.

Each one is very different and what works on one source may not work on another.

I encourage you to read through the entire knowledge base or FAQ section on PopAds, and even consider sending a support message if you have a few specific questions that you can’t find the answer to.

Another way to find information you need that you can send PopAds an email to ask for inqueries if you can not find the information on PopAds’ website.

Tracking Your Campaigns is Vital

Whether you’re using Voluum, FunnelFlux, Thrive or another tracking platform, Voluum offers a specific set of tokens that need to be configured inside your chosen

These tokens will pass data back to your tracker and allow you to make good decisions when optimizing your campaign.


It’s important to set this up correctly because you are spending money to collect data on your campaigns – you do not want to lose this data by not having things working as they should.

Look at the screenshots below to see the available PopAds tokens and an example of how to set it up in Voluum.

Here are all of the available tokens offered by PopAds:

popads guide available tokensHere’s an example of how to configure the tokens in your Voluum account:

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