QUICK TIP - Reinstall All Plugins on WordPress using 1 Cool Method

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Reinstall All Plugins on the WordPress website – Reading the title will surely make you wonder about the application of this article. If your website is OK, so Why do you need to  reinstall all plugins on the website?

That’s right, if our website is stable, no one would like to reinstall all plugins on the website. But what if the WordPress site  is infected with malware and you can’t identify exactly which plugin has the infected file?

The fastest solution is still to remove all the old plugins and start reinstalling from scratch. But if you do this task manually, it requires much time-consuming and may lose the available settings.

This is where you need an automated solution with the help of a plugin.

Some important notes – reinstall all plugins

  • The automatic installation applies only to free plugins, downloaded from the WordPress.org plugin repository. Paid plugins downloaded from other sources will not be able to reinstall using this method.
  • The latest version of the plugin will be installed. If your theme or host does not support the plugin in the latest version, you must reinstall the old version manually.
  • Some plugins with similar names may be wrong installation. For example, there are Defender (by wpmudev) and WP Defender (by nath4n).
  • Therefore, you should check and proceed with manual installation if any such situation occurs.

Reinstall all plugins – WordPress

1. First, you need to install and activate a plugin called Fresh Plugins.

Fresh Plugin

2. Next, you go to Tools ⇒ Fresh Plugins. A list of all plugins that Fresh Plugins can assist with reinstalling will be displayed.

Configuration Fresh Plugins - Reinstall All Plugins

You make a tick ​​to the selected plugins you want to reinstall and then you click the Re-installation Selected button.

3. After that, you wait a moment for the installation process to complete, you will get the message Re-Installed Successfully Plugin.

Finish uninstall plugins step - Reinstall All Plugins

Disable the Fresh Plugins plugin and delete it for site performance.

In addition to Fresh Plugins, you can use the Sucuri Security plugin  to do this.

You access Sucuri Security ⇒ Settings ⇒ Post-Hack ⇒  Reset Installed Plugins ⇒ make a tick to select the plugins you want to reinstall and click Submit button.

Reset Fresh Plugin - Reinstall All Plugins

Final Words

Hooray! I hope you can stay on me and finish this task successfully.  This task looks simple but it requires your attention carefully. Moreover, I also reviewed and tested this plugin and it works well.

Besides, you need to know how to use CSS to customise metadata of posts, create button, add cool effects for your website

Good luck!

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