UDEMY 2021 - REST API Automation With REST Assured – An Introduction

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This course will help you get started with REST Assured, you will also learn how to write tests in REST Assured

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What you’ll learn

  • Create collections & environments in POSTMAN
  • Use POSTMAN to send different requests (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS & HEAD)
  • Use POSTMAN to send different requests (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS & HEAD)

  • Setup REST Assured Maven project in Eclipse
  • Setup REST Assured Maven project in Eclipse

  • Write REST Assured tests (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) using the ‘given-when-then’ method
  • Refactoring JUnit tests
  • Requirements

  • This course requires that the user has some basic programming knowledge in JAVA
  • Basic understanding of RESTful Services
  • Description

    In the 21st century, almost all web applications use web services to communicate or interact with each other. Most modern day web services are built on Representational state transfer (REST) architecture; REST has gained a lot of popularity and it will continue to do the same due to its simplicity in comparison with other technologies.

    It is very important for software QA engineers, automation engineers and software developers to understand the importance of REST testing and more importantly how to automate these tests. Automating Application Program Interface (API) tests is critical and crucial for most projects due to the fact that API tests are far more stable, reliable and fast.

    In this course, you will be provided with the tools and techniques needed to be successful with REST API Automation using Rest Assured Library in Java & JUnit. We will be focusing on the important topics listed below:

  • Learn how to create collections & environment variables in POSTMAN
  • Understand and use POSTMAN to send requests (using GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS and HEAD operations)
  • Learn how to setup Java, Maven, Eclipse on Windows and Mac OS
  • Introduction to REST Assured, which is a popular open source library used for API test automation
  • Learn how to setup a REST Assured Maven project
  • Learn to write tests for GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests using REST Assured
  • ****You will be provided with a Students Application, that you can run locally on your machine****

    Who this course is for:

  • QA Engineers who want to learn how to write API automation
  • Automation Engineers, SDETs who want to learn an additional Java Testing library for RESTful API’s
  • Software developers who would like to learn the art of API Test automation using REST Assured
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