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As current trend, due to the development of highly portable handsets, the necessities of entertainment of people are increasingly required. In which listening to music is one of those essential needs. So online music services are growing to meet the needs of people, names like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, … are names that are familiar to the majority of people.  Therefore, this article I will compare the current music service.

To compare between streaming music services, instead of comparing the online music services alone, I will compare aspects of user interest such as price, sound quality, music store, Use on phones and desktops, and listen offline. Because each listener’s needs are completely different, the best service meets the needs of all people.


1. The price that you have to spend to enjoy music services

Most students, students or some people with tight budgets, the budget criteria to spend on music services are pushed to the top. And some audiophiles, they always choose the top quality and pay for quality services.

Here, I will summarise the price of current music services.

  • SoundCloud: The majority of SoundCloud users all use the free package (ads and low quality)However, this service also has a subscription package to listen to quality music than free users that are SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go +. In particular SoundCloud Go is priced at $4.99 (Web / Android) and $5.99 (iOS) per month. And SoundCloud Go + has a slightly lower price of $9.99 (Web / Android) and $12.99 (iOS) every month. Both packages allow users to download music for free listening, access to large music stores, without ads and improve quality. Particularly for the Go + package, additional playlists can be accessed only for the Go + package. Access 150M + more songs than the Go package (120M +). Note: Go and Go + packages are for users who listen to music, while the pro package is for artists.
  • Spotify: Free packages (ads, low quality, limited functions) and Spotify Premium : $27 / month and VND $30 / month if you subscribe via mono e-wallet (320kbps quality, no advertising, all functions) for 1 person, and Spotify Family (6 people) for $14.99 / month.
  • Apple Music: $25 / month for 1 person, $38 / month for the Family plan (6 users) and no free plan. Special package for students is favoured by Apple with an affordable price of $12 / month, the price is quite cheap equivalent to 1 cup of milk tea. So who are the students, they subscribe this package to both listen to copyrighted music and just fit your wallet anymore.
  • Deezer: There are free packages (ads, low quality, limited functions) and Deezer Premium + packages : $5.99 / 1 month (320kbps quality, no ads, all functions), Deezer Family : $8.99 / month (same as Premium but can use up to 6 people) and Deezer HiFi : $11.99 / month (quality lossless music standard 16bit / 44.1KHz).
  • Tidal: No free packages, Tidal Premium (320kbps quality): $9.99 / month, Family Premium (for 6 people): $14.99 / month and Tidal HiFi (lossless, hi-res, MQA quality ): $19.99 and Family HiFi (for 6 people): $29.99. Like Apple, Tidal also develops a package for students and students at the following prices: Student Premium: $4.99 / month (standard quality) and Student HiFi: $9.99 / month (high quality).
  • Qobuz: No free package, from 31 to 01/2020 Qobuz announced a breakup with lossy quality of 320kbps. The remaining packages are all quality from standard CD (lossless) up to hi-res. Qobuz music packages: Studio Premier is $14.99 / month ($149.99 / year) and free for the first month. There is also the Sublime + Qobuz premium service package that is provided. For a fee of $249.99 / year, users not only enjoy all the benefits of the lower packages, but also receive additional discounts when paying and downloading their favourite works on their store. Qobuz

So you can see the two music packages of Apple Music and Spotify with similar prices for the same $25.

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