The 7 Largest Wet Markets In The World

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Wet markets haven’t really been getting the best press after that whole Covid-19 business. Whether it originated on the Wuhan wet market or not, the whole world is looking at these markets to find a reason to close them down for good. And while the Asian ones might not always get the best scores when it comes to being safe for everyone’s health, wet markets are actually a global phenomenon and not limited to the Chinese ghettos. As long as someone’s selling fresh food on the market, it technically qualifies.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest wet markets in the world.

Porta Palazzo

This Italian market spans over a 50,000 m² area and is mostly known for having a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. But don’t worry, you can also get cheese or some meat there. And flowers, if that’s your kind of thing.

Otavalo Market

Even Ecuador has its own giant food market. This one doesn’t just sell produce, but you can also find traditional household items there. Among others, there’s a wide assortment of blankets, clothes and even housewares.


This is probably the biggest food market you can find. You can get all kinds of high quality food in this market that’s located just off Paris, but getting inside won’t be easy. It opens at midnight, closes in the early morning and is usually only open to locals.

Central De Abasto Market

In Mexico, this’ll probably be the market you want to visit. It’s possible to get pretty much every kind of food you could ever desire there, and it’s probably the freshest you can find it in Mexico.

Tsukiji Fish Market

This Tokyo-based market is mainly known for its huge variety of fresh fish. And you can’t just buy fish – you can find everything you need to cook and eat fish, too: vegetables, kitchen knives, sauces, … It’s the largest fish market on Earth, so you should definitely check it out if you want to eat some top quality fish.

Belo Horizonte

It wouldn’t be a proper list without mentioning Brazil’s biggest wet market, right? This market has a whopping 400 stalls and will provide you in all your dietary needs. Whether you want fruits, spices, dairy or meat, Belo Horizonte has you covered.

Khari Baoli

While this Indian market only sells spices, those still qualify as perishable fresh goods. Located in New Delhi, this market is the biggest spice market in all of Asia, which is saying something. Don’t go there for a quiet morning of shopping though – it’s incredibly crouded!

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