REVIEW - The Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers in 2021

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It is an undeniable fact that the mid-market publishers have always been looking for the ideal CPM ad networks to partner with.

You can’t settle with just Google Adsense. Agreed, finding the best alternative ad network is easier said than done. However, it isn’t really hard to improve your ad revenues, when you know the market well. We work with publishers across the globe and help them monetize their content. Hence, we believe we are the best source to get you the right info on this topic.

Are the CPM Ad Networks Right For You?

Although it is necessary to partner with the ad networks, you need to ensure that they are the right choice for you. We helped hundreds of publishers to increase their ad revenue by up to 60 percent with the help of ad exchanges and proprietary products. Ad Exchanges can get you better CPM for the same impression and traffic. So, you can either go to ad exchanges or ad networks.

How can you know what’s right for you? The answer is straightforward. What’s your monthly traffic?

  • If it is lesser than 1 Million page views, the list is for you. Go ahead.
  • If it is greater than 1 Million page views, we need to talk. We have better options for you including ad exchanges, direct deals, private marketplaces, and user-based ad refreshing. Reach us today.

If you’ve decided to partner with CPM ad networks, then let us help you.

You know CPM ad networks pay you based on the impressions you deliver. Let’s say you gave them 10,000 impressions and your CPM is $5, then they’ll pay you $50 in total. So, keep an eye on traffic all the time. After all, even the best ad network won’t be able to help you, if your traffic is sinking every day.

The Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers 2021

  • BuySellAds
  • Conversant Media
  • Criteo
  • Propeller Ads
  • Exponential
  • Revcontent
  • Adcash
  • AdBlade Network
  • RhythmOne
  • HilltopAds
  • RevenueHits
  • Clickadu
  • Adsterra is one of the leading ad networks with a global presence and premium partnerships. They run the world’s #2 largest contextual ads program from Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ad network. Besides, they have a proven track record of helping long-tail publishers to increase their CPMs.

In order to get approval from them, businesses are required to have original content, which must be updated often, and intellectual property rights must not be violated in the process.


  • You get a Personal Account Manager.
  • Payment is sent after the payout has reached $100.
  • Payment via Wire Transfer, PayPal.
  • Customer support is good.


  • Needs the majority of the traffic from tier-1 countries.

Is it right for you?

If you’re an original publisher with frequent content updates and tier-1 traffic, jump right into the network.

CPM Rates

You’ll likely to get around $1 to $1.5 CPM and car loan, health insurance, mortgage, and credit loan niches are proven to perform better.


With BuySellAds, you can generate revenue, as soon as you are ready to run ads. There are no minimum requirements and conditions to partner with the ad network. They enable advertisers to buy impressions on your website using their platform. For instance, a healthcare company can select any health-oriented websites and choose to pay based on impressions. If it isn’t available, they can switch or wait until the current campaign is finished.

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