UDEMY 2021 - The Build a SAAS App with Flask Course

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Build a real world web app with Python, Flask and Docker. Learn to accept payments with Stripe and so much more.

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What Will I Learn?

  • See how a large application gets built up in stages
  • Build complex web applications and websites
  • Build complex web applications and websites

  • Bid for Flask / web development freelance work
  • Bid for Flask / web development freelance work

  • Confidence to apply for Flask positions at software companies
  • Proficiency with server-side development and databases
  • An awesome Docker based development environment
  • Requirements

  • A computer running Windows, OSX or Linux
  • Very basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • No paid software is required to complete the course (all software used in the course is free)
  • Description

    Hi, I’m Nick and for the last year I’ve been teaching thousands of happy students how to deploy web applications with Docker.

    Now I want to teach you how to develop PRODUCTION READY web applications with confidence.

    Most learning material out there only teaches you how to build toy examples and throw out lines like “you wouldn’t want to do this in production…”, but then they never tell you the REAL way to do it.

    Imagine how awful you’d feel after spending your time and hard earned money but still had to do a ton of research to complete your project. I’ve been there, done that and it’s not fun.

    Instead, a large portion of the code base in my course is battle hardened from running in production on multiple projects.

    I’ll be at your side explaining my thought process along the way while we build up a multi thousand line application together.

    You’re going to walk away with everything you need to feel confident building your own web applications.

    “Wow, what an amazing resource you’ve made. The app source is amazingly concise (clearly years of experience distilled). Honestly, it’s the handsomest web app code base I’ve ever seen. – David N.”

    Here’s just some of what you’ll learn by taking my course:

  • Learn how to use Docker to “Dockerize” a web application
  • Learn what Flask is and how to use its features in your applications
  • Learn how to create a Python 2 and 3 compatible code base
  • Learn how to use PostgreSQL, Redis and Celery with Flask
  • Create a full blown user management system
  • Create a flexible custom admin interface
  • Accept both recurring and microtransaction credit card payments
  • Deal with both HTML template and JSON responses
  • Logging, middleware and error handling
  • Database migrations and internationalization (i18n)
  • “I have been working with Flask for the past 3 years and have been a technical reviewer on the Mastering Flask Packt book, even so, I am learning so much form you! – Pedro B.”

    What makes Flask awesome?

  • Based on one of the most popular computer languages in the world (Python)
  • Minimalistic and easy to get started
  • Lightning fast (Pinterest’s API serves 12+ billion requests / day with Flask)
  • Vibrant community and ecosystem (hundreds of high quality extensions)
  • Profitable for freelancing and consulting
  • Why is Docker worth using?

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