The most dangerous hackers in the world history

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Most of the hackers on the list below have started “careers” since they were young, showing their talents in computers since they were in school.

1. Kevin Poulsen

In 1983, Kevin Poulsen , 17, alias Dark Dante, infiltrated the Pentagon’s ARPANET intranet. Poulsen was quickly arrested, but the government decided not to prosecute but to warn. At that time Poulsen was underage of adulthood.

In 1988, Poulsen continued to hack into federal computers, illegally accessing information about the President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos.

In 1990, he won a holiday Porsche worth $20,000 after winning a local hack tournament. Later, Poulsen was arrested and had no computer use for three years. Photo: Log.

2. Adrian Lamo

In 2001, Adrian Lamo, 20, hacked into the Yahoo intranet to revise a Reuters article and add fake quotes to former US Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Lamo often hacks systems, then informs both the media and the victim. In 2002, according to Wired, Lamo hacked the New York Times intranet, manually edited the data and publicly invaded the background of many important people.

Lamo is nicknamed “Homeless” by his hobby of wandering the streets with a backpack, living in an unstable life. Photo: RFI.

3. Michael Calce

In February 2000, 15-year-old Michael Calce, also known as “Mafiaboy”, found a way to gain access to the university intranet. Calce also broke into Yahoo, the number one search engine at the time.

In one week, Calce took down the homepage of Dell, eBay, CNN and Amazon with a DDoS attack. After this incident, the US government began to focus more on cybersecurity. Photo: NPR

4. Jonathan James

According to the New York Times, Jonathan James, alias Comrade, hacked into the US Department of Defense intranet when he was only 15 years old.

In an interview with PC Mag, James admitted to being inspired by the book The Cuckoo’s Egg with content about the hunt for hackers in the 80s.

Arrested in 2000, sentenced to six months under house arrest and banned from using the device charged, Jonathan James became the youngest person convicted of cybersecurity law violations.

In 2007, the TJX group website was hacked and James was suspected. In 2008, James killed himself with a gun. He stated in his suicide note that he no longer believes in “justice”. Photo: Underspy.

5. Kevin Mitnick

In 1981, Kevin Mitnick was charged with stealing information from mobile company Pacific Bell. In 1982, Kevin successfully hacked the North American Defense Command server (NORAD).

The incident inspired the movie War Gamesra, released in 1983. In 1989, Kevin continued to hack the DEC home page, the leading computer manufacturer at the time, and illegally released their software.

After the incident, Kevin had to go to jail. In 2014, according to Wired, Kevin founded a website that sells important software that has never been released at a high price. Photo: Cybersecurityventures.

6. Anonymous

In 2003, Anonymous was founded on an anonymous forum of the 4chan web. In 2008, the team disabled websites, fax systems and lowered the search rankings of the Church of Scientology on Google.

In March 2008, a group of people marched with Guy Fawkes masks appeared. According to The New Yorker, whether monitored by the FBI or many other investigating agencies, identifying and eliminating Anonymous is still impossible. Photo: NY Times.

7. Matthew Bevan and Richard Pryce

In 1996, Matthew Bevan and Richard Pryce broke into many military networks, including Griffiss Air Force Base, USA, Defense Information System and Korea Atomic Research Institute (KARI).

Bevan and Pryce were charged with inciting the Third World War after infiltrating KARI and the US military systems. Bevan claims he only wants to prove the existence of UFOs.

According to the BBC, while not causing much damage, Bevan and Pryce showed that even military networks can be compromised. Photo: Google.


Unlike many other hackers, ASTRA has never been disclosed. According to the Daily Mail, ASTRA is a 58-year-old Greek mathematician who was arrested by authorities in 2008.

This man has been wanted for many computer-related crimes since 2002, but has begun to be severely sought. More in 2005 when breaking into the systems of the French military company Dassault.

The hack cost the company more than $360 million.

9. Albert Gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez was dubbed “soupnazi”, showing his talent in computers while in school. With many illegal activities, Gonzalez is considered one of the best operating hackers of

At 22, Gonzalez was arrested in New York for fraudming millions of credit card information. By providing information to the investigating agency in prosecuting Shadowcrew, Gonzalez did not have to go to jail.

Later, Gonzalez stole over 180 million credit card accounts from OfficeMax, Dave and Buster’s and Boston Market. Photo: Wired.

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