UDEMY 2021 - The Ultimate Guide To Memory And Learning Skills

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Discover how our memory works and how to stimulate our brain, from newborn over teenager and adulthood to old age

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the different types of memory
  • Follow the different laws and principles guiding your memory
  • Follow the different laws and principles guiding your memory

  • Apply a whole range of strategies to help you remember better
  • Apply a whole range of strategies to help you remember better

  • Assist others, regardless of age, in developing their memory and learning skills
  • Requirements

  • A keen interest in how our brain works is the only real prerequisite for this course
  • No previous knowledge about the brain required
  • No specific materials are needed for this course. Taking notes is recommended
  • Description

    Most of us don’t know how our memory work, let alone how to optimize it. We don’t know how to help our children to stimulate their memory, we fail at helping our parents to stay young at heart and in their brain. And ourselves, we’re just too busy to realize we could be way more effective…

    The purpose of this course is to offer an overview of our memory throughout our different periods of life.

    We are going to explore its evolution during the course of a life time. Each lecture will include exercises to improve our memory, advice to help other people and finally also explanations to allow us to better understand how our memory works.

    The Science behind the course…

    Since antiquity, philosophers and orators try to understand the functioning of memory. They had already developed techniques that we still use successfully today. In the 19th century, Ebbinghaus began scientifically studying memory and discovered the laws of how we forget and William James was the first to propose to split the memory into several distinct functions.

    Today, we distinguish dozens of specific types of memories. In this course, we will focus on the main 3 memory systems, which are: The Sensory memory , the short-term memory ( or working memory) and the long-term memory

    This course has the ambition to be extremely complete. We’ll cover everyone and everything: From babies and toddlers, over teenagers, to adults and old age. From remembering names and numbers, over techniques to give presentations, to memory hacks From theories and studies, over practical exercises and tasks you will be asked to perform

    My personal experience

    You have to know that as a student, studying for me looked more like a battlefield. It was something I was forced to do. An obligation. Needless to say I didn’t fare well. Through my journey into the brain, I started to understand what I was doing wrong. Long story short: pretty much everything. I remember how, in the beginning of my career, I was constantly forgetting the names of my clients, the details of the projects I was working on. I was constantly getting into trouble with my boss because of it.

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