Top excellent websites for learning JAVASCRIPT FREE

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Top excellent websites for learning JavaScript FREE from beginner level up to advance level.


Relating to JavaScript, there are many developers, web users or editors who should hear this word many times during implementing their projects.


JavaScript is conducted on many areas from website, applications to mobile apps development… Thus, it is not only very popular but also bring many benefits to many IT projects from small up to big projects.

Many job recruitments such as mobile, application development areas consider “JavaScript” like one of many standard measures to seek employers. Why? Because it is very essential for the job position. There are many benefits that JavaScript can bring to a project.

There are some advantages of JavaScript:

  • JavaScript is a client side language: The JavaScript code is executed on the user’s processor instead of the web server thus it saves bandwidth and load on the web server.
  • JavaScript is an easy language to learn: The JavaScript language is easy to learn and offers syntax that is close to English. It uses the DOM model that provides plenty of predefined functionalities to the various objects on pages making it a breeze to develop a script to solve a custom purpose.
  •  JavaScript is comparatively fast for the end user: When the code is executed on the client side, results and processing is completed almost instantly depending on the task (tasks in JavaScript on web pages are usually simple to prevent being a memory hog). Therefore, it does not need to be processed in the site’s web server and sent back to the user consuming local as well as server bandwidth.

As you know about the benefits of JavaScript, there are many so it’s difficult to mention all here. However, if you do not know why you should learn JavaScript, you should reorient before you can go deeper on this path.



Learning to code is coupled with practice, learning 1 hour must practice 4, 5 hours to quickly become a “guru”. Learners often learn by the normal reading method through reading books or e-books, without accompanying exercises in the content. This is the reason why it is difficult for you to practice.

Learning with Codecademy, you will overcome that, you can learn 6 different languages ​​such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, … by understanding the content through exercises. That is, instead of explaining what this function means, each lesson they will give a bunch of available code, you see that code and test it to see how it works, then solve the accompanying exercise.

In essence, Codecademy’s learning style not only helps you understand the content but also helps you practice problem solving and brain training.

Eloquent JavaScript

If you need to find something to read for beginner level of JavaScript then Eloquant JavaScript is worth checking out. It is not a set of documents that teach you how to write JavaScript code, but it will help you better understand the academic scope of computer science in general and JavaScript in particular.

This set is divided into 3 parts, each section will have different information. I think whether you are a newbie or someone who is already familiar with JavaScript, Eloquant JavaScript is very helpful, it will help you discover new things with this language.

JavaScript Guide – Mozilla


Previously, when learning programming languages ​​related to the web, we all thought of W3School but now it is no longer a good choice because the content arrangement is condemned by so many people, even now there are always Not a small part is W3School Anti Fan.

For now, if you need web-related languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery then try the Mozilla Developer Network website and you will probably find the above documents easier to read and understand more deeply than W3School.

JavaScript for Cat


This website will be great for you because during the course of learning Java script in this series you will always meet … cats. This is a form of “learning by playing” like the Superhero JavaScript article, but it may not be as much as a gamer, but this is an interesting JavaScript learning series anyway.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a basic to advanced level of JavaScript and HTML / CSS learning website through a learning-and-practice format like Codecademy above, but it will be more complete and more advanced.

Currently, if you study for free, you can only learn basic lessons, and want to improve more like writing games using JavaScript or building applications, you need to spend an additional $29 for each course.


Actually, Programmr is like a Cloud Editor like Cloud9 or JSFiddle but it focuses on learning JavaScript because each lesson they will show you a sample code and what to do with it is up to you.

Paid learning sites

If you can spend money to learn via video then I encourage you to check out Udemy, Tutsplus Premium  and Lynda .

Final words

There is no need to introduce too much because just these websites are more than your expectation to become master the basic JavaScript level. Remember, it is up to you whether you learn JavaScript quickly or not because the world of JavaScript is so wide. Understand basic JavaScript, it only takes 2, 3 days but then you will need to learn through a lot of other concepts such as JS Framework, JS Library, … And that’s what a JavaScript expert needs.


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