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Turn off automatic update firmware RBR50 – 1 important step – Mesh-WIFI is now become more popular in our life because it has many great features and save budget and set up time. Orbi RBR50 is one of these mesh-WIFI router to own these features.

However, it has an unnecessary automatic updated function that we should turn-off to maintain the current stable status of your router. Besides, we also raise some topics that related to the topic that you may like to read: linux commands… help you work well in linux environment and command lines.

Why you should turn off automatic update firmware RBR50?

As you know that, everything has 2 faces with pros and cons. Furthermore, nothing is perfect 100%. Before we’ll go to next step, we should consider “why do we need to do this?”.

Pro-Turn off automatic update firmware RBR50

  • Keep your current system run with stable version that you realised.
  • Avoid risks when you update new firmware.
  • New firmware could be bugged or errors.

Cons-Turn off automatic update firmware RBR50

  • You could miss new features from the latest firmware.
  • Your system is lower security level than the new one.

In my opinion, I strongly recommend that Netgear has released a new Firmware (FW) for their product Orbi  RBR50 that seems to have many issues with the Wi-Fi coverage. Therefore, I still want to keep my old FW; however, this product will upgrade new FW automatically. Therefore, this tutorial will support you how to turn off automatic update firmware RBR50 as default setting.


Before applying “Turn off automatic update firmware RBR50” tutorial, you need to concern some important step below:

  • Checking your router model
  • If you check and get something different from my description. Please do not execute step 8 to save the previous configuration steps ! It can lead to a brick router. Please do it and check information carefully. Don’t ignore it! This can save your money ! 🙂

How to: Turn off automatic update firmware RBR50?

You can stop the Orbi from installing the updated firmware automatically follow the steps below. You should perform these steps after you downgraded the firmware to a prior released FW.

1)   Firstly, you launch your favourite web browser and go to <Router IP Address>/debug.htm.

2) Then you log in via using <username> <password> when text prompted to require you for log in.

3) Check Enable Telnet

Turn off automatic update firmware RBR50

4) Start a Telnet session. I use Putty. Enter the <Router IP Address> Telnet is using port 23

  • Telnet <Router IP Address> (a space after Telnet)

5) You can skip this step if you like. I am calling it out for illustration purposes only…

  • Type nvram show | grep auto_* <ENTER>

You will see a list similar to this:

You will see the third configurations highlighted above,  you will want to change the value from =1 to =0

  • orbi_auto_upgrade=1
  • auto_check_for_upgrade=1
  • auto_update=1

6) To update run the following commands:

  • nvram set orbi_auto_upgrade=0 <ENTER> (no spaces after set)
  • nvram set auto_check_for_upgrade=0 <ENTER> (no spaces after set)
  • nvram set auto_update=0 <ENTER> (no spaces after set)


7) Type the following commands to confirm the 3 configurations are set to =0

  • nvram show | grep orbi_auto_upgrade <ENTER>
  • nvram show | grep auto_check_for_upgrade <ENTER>
  • nvram show | grep auto_update <ENTER>


8) After you confirmed the 3 configuration values are set to =0 then type nvram commit. Thus, this step will save the changes that you have changed the setting from step 1 to7.

9) Type exit to terminate the telnet session

10) Go back to the <Router IP Address>/debug.htm web page and uncheck Enable Telnet

Please note:  Within a day or so the Orbi will know there is an updated firmware release available but it will not automatically install it. This means that you do correctly. If you do go back into a Telnet session, you will see the value of orbi_auto_upgrade will have a value greater than 1. That is fine because you’ve already done. Do not need to change the value back to =0!!!

Final words

Following these steps, you can take by your own risk. However, if you do carefully follow step by step as my tutorial, it should be fine. This tutorial can help you disable automatic upgrade FW function from Orbi RBR50.

In addition, “turn off automatic update firmware RBR50” supports you to select the stable FW for your Orbi. From my opinion, Orbi mesh Wi-Fi is very good in cover a large area. I will add a review for it and also a tutorial to implement for a large area around 5000-7000 feet (2.13 km) such as main house and granny flat.

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