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Discover 10 insights into effective marketing on Udemy.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Effectively Promote their Udemy Courses
  • Understand what makes a Udemy Course Successful
  • Understand what makes a Udemy Course Successful

  • Increase their Udemy Monthly Revenue
  • Increase their Udemy Monthly Revenue

  • Rank Higher on the Udemy Algorithm
  • Increase the Quality of their Udemy courses
  • Requirements

  • Their way around the Udemy Platform
  • The Basics (and intermediates) of the Udemy Instructor tools
  • The Basics (and intermediates) of content marketing
  • Description


    Have you thought that your Udemy Revenue should be higher?…

    Do you want to increase the amount that Udemy pay you every month?…

    Are you interested in knowing the 10 most powerful (and surprisingly simple) tactics we used to earn over $200,000 in course revenue?

    Awesome! Because you are in the perfect spot! Join our awesome community of Udemy Course Instructors and you too can earn over 6 figures a year from your Udemy courses.


  • Make $3000 BEFORE you start creating your course!
  • Choose the RIGHT Title, and Subtitle to SELL more courses!
  • Make an additional $1000 EVERY month!
  • Understand and optimize your page for the buyers mindset
  • Stand out from the competition and be the #1 choice for your niche!
  • I want to share the secrets, and simple strategies that I learned in order to save you the countless amount of hours, effort and mistakes that I repetitively made. So I have compiled them this unique step-by-step guide so that you can see the same results with your Udemy course too!

    “Knowledge is power only if a man knows what facts not to bother with” – Robert Lynd

    The Video presentation is unique. It is a very direct and clear presentation that most efficiently gets the knowledge from our brains to yours. It’s broken into easy to learn modules that both explain the theory behind the techniques, and show LIVE demonstrations of my testing and experiments!

    If you have, or are planning on creating a Udemy course, I GUARANTEE you that this investment will be the best you can make! It will pay you back every single day for the entirety of your courses life!!

    I will also personally respond to all questions and queries (and even provide my personal email address!) so that you can implement these simple strategies in a fool-proof way.

    I know the power of having these Udemy strategies, and I can’t wait to help you get there!

    See you on the inside 🙂

    – Benji & Scott

    PS: This decision is an absolute no brainer. I have the best refund policy in the world!!If you do not increase your Udemy sales – I will refund all of your money!! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain! Make this investment in the future of your course today…

    Who is the target audience?

  • People who have or are intending to create a Udemy course
  • People who want to increase their Udemy Revenue
  • People who are willing to commit to improving their course
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