UDEMY 2021 - WP Plugin Development – Build your own plugin!

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Learn to create your own WordPress Plugin – Step by Step

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What you’ll learn

  • It’s often the case that you’re looking for a specific functionality in already existing plugins, but the one you’re looking for is not captured by any of these. In this course you will learn how to create your own plugin to feed your needs or even those of your customers.
  • You will know about the basics of WP “behind the scenes”
  • You will know about the basics of WP “behind the scenes”

  • Understanding Actions / Filters
  • Understanding Actions / Filters

  • Important knowledge about naming and possible conflicts
  • Enqueue concept for CSS and scripts
  • How to store data in a custom table
  • Security: How to check user capabilities, escaping and nonces
  • Localization: How to build your plugin multilingual
  • Cronjobs in WordPress
  • Requirements

  • basic knowledge in WordPress, PHP, HTML
  • suggested basic knowledge in CSS, JS and SQL
  • Description

    In this course you are learning step by step how to create an awesome WordPress Plugin from scratch! For your own needs or to sell it as a SaaS Business.

    In the SaaS Business perspective WordPress offers you a HUGE amount of users (rapidly growing) which can be your potential customers. That means small business – big money!

    So if you want the learn to create a fast & reliable Product for WordPress, which also meets the security standards today, then this course ist the right one for you!

    Who this course is for:

  • This course is created for anybody who wants to extend or change functionality within the WP core using an own self-made plugin.
  • Created by Stefan Haberl, Daniel Angeloff, Sandor KissLast updated 3/2018EnglishEnglish [Auto-generated]

    Size: 495.29 MB

    Download File Here


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